I’m an art student from Australia. I’m majoring in animation. I made this site partially for somewhere to put my stuff, but also because I’m really interested in art in internet culture.

You can see my art on tumblr, on deviantart, or you can buy it on redbubble.

Art in internet culture is the most significant influence on my art, so it has been kind of disappointing to find that most of my lecturers have never even heard of it.

I played flash games ~2006-2007, was very into Neopets 2007-2011, also watched potter puppet pals, charlie the unicorn etc in this time. I was into meme pages ~2010. Got tumblr in 2011, which has been my main site ever since. Was into superwholock 2010-2014. Into homestuck and pokemon both 2012-present. Also been interested in video games, Roosterteeth, game grumps, steven universe, gravity falls, undertale, legend of zelda, fanfiction, flight rising, anime variously from ~2013 forward.

Tumblr is the main website I use. I occasionally use reddit, I’ve used deviantart since 2012 but I’m not really involved with the culture there, and I’ve never used 4chan.