how is art in internet culture made?

Not all internet culture art is digital art. The “traditional” art is created just like any other kind of art in that medium (eg. watercolour art has the same techniques, even in an internet culture style). But a lot of it is digital art, and many people don’t know how that’s made.

Some people create art on smartphones, iPads, etc using their fingers or a stylus. This is not massively common, but some people do it.

Most people who make digital art programs use a graphics tablet. This allows you to draw with a pen, on a flat surface, which feels much more natural than using a mouse or a trackpad. tablets also have pen pressure, where how hard you press with the pen can determine how wide the line you draw is, for example.

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Artwork is created in a digital art program; these include Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, MS Paint, FireAlpaca, among others.

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