i actually started crying ok whoever made this is a genius

/casually vomits because no, nope, nope, stop that’s a really unhealthy attitude to have

/casually vomits because you don’t understand

Many of us were excluded, lonely and depressed before we joined any fandoms. We found refuge in the stories and comfort in the characters. We found people with similar interests and gained friends who understood and sympathized with us. When the stories hurt us we found solace in the fact that we are not alone in feeling this way. In many ways to many people these stories saved our lives. Some might have been pointing towards suicide, but maybe the Doctor and his story stopped some. That’s what matters, because we owe these stories our life. We owe it to the Doctor, the Winchesters, the Avengers and whatever fandom you might be in. They’re always there and always will be even when all others abandon us. I can honestly say that I was in deep depression before I started watching Doctor Who and the story very much pulled me from that place and changed who I am, made me who I am today. The 14,000 notes on this post show that I am not alone and none of us are. 

Unhealthy is to reblog skinny and tanned girls like it’s a religion

Unhealthyis think depressed people have no reasons to be like that because they’re not starving

Unhealthyis to make people think they are not worth it because they’re either too fat or to skinny, or because they don’t dress fashionably so therefore they’re considered “ugly”

Unhealthy is to go through this unbelievably hard life without a single person caring about you

Unhealthyis to make fun of other people choices

Unhealthyis someone commenting on something they don’t understand, and worse, something they don’t want to understand

So next time think about what you’re doing before you open your mouth to say something so ignorant like that.


reblogging because the comment thing *sobs*

So, you know, just going throw in my bit here;

Before I got into the fandoms I’m in now, I was quite literally alone. I’d lost all my friends, my band and everything I thought made me likeable. Because that’s what I thought, that because I didn’t belong in the scene I’d been in before anymore, I was an awful human being who didn’t deserve friends in the first place. Fast forward to just over a year ago, when I was sitting at home with my dogs and my mum, watching QI and Jonathan Creek, and thinking; wait, do I NEED anything more than this? Soon after came the Boosh, all my lovely panel shows and sit-coms, Doctor Who and Sherlock. Along with them, came you gorgeous people I’m quite happy to know here on tumblr, and some in person.

And so I’m here now, happier than ever, and it’s all thanks to my fandoms.