Abortion in action. Do you want this to be you?

Weird how my abortion was nothing like that, isn’t it?  I got mine in a sterile, hospital environment and the physician performing was funny and kind.  He knew that I didn’t much want a man doing the operation because I didn’t want a strange male seeing my female parts, but I got over it because hey, he’s a doctor.

They placed down a towel and there was very minimal blood.  Maybe as much blood as you’d get if you sneezed while on a light period?  Not a whole lot.  They just gave me a maxi pad to wear to help with it.  And the entire thing was done in about two minutes.  It only hurt when I got the anesthetic injection, (But hey, shots hurt!), and when it was finishing up.  It felt a lot like my usual period cramps.

It was over before I knew it!  The nurses talked to me the whole time about my life, my job, my fiance, and asked how I was feeling and if there was anything I needed to be more comfortable.  They made sure the lights weren’t too intense and that I was properly supported so that I was settled in alright.

Afterward they let me stand up and asked if I felt dizzy.  They also gave me an ultrasound to make sure they got everything out! I told them I felt alright and that I was relieved that it was finally over.  The pregnancy, I mean.  The abortion was over before I even really realized!  They walked me into the recovery room where I got to lay in bed wearing comfortable slippers, and they gave me Pepsi to drink and Ritz crackers to eat while I read a magazine and relaxed.

The recovery time was required, but I didn’t really need it?  I got an Ibuprophen after telling them that I was alright to take them, (They needed to know if I was allergic.)  I was alright to leave soon after but they made me lay down and relax for about twenty minutes while my fiance waited for me in the waiting room.  He met me at the door on the way out, we bought some condoms for a very great price, and got on the road to go home.  And we ate KFC that night, which was awesome!

So no.  My abortion wasn’t anything like that.  This is not what legal abortions look like.

This is what it will look like if you make us go back to getting illegal, unprofessional abortions in unsanitary environments and performed by back-alley butchers.

Look.  I can tell you are serious about your conviction and that the pro-life cause means a lot to you.  Why can’t you just back yourself up with non-biased sources, real photos that have reputable, medically-accurate information to back up their reliability, and scientific facts?

I mean it? Literally, what is stopping you from doing those things?  We would listen better to you if you could source everything to scientific and medical journals, or to sources that do not have a stake in the pro-life/pro-choice debate.  That way, they won’t be biased toward either side.  Please?  Can’t you guys just do that stuff?

I mean, I can literally tell you from experience that this is not what legal abortion looks like.  It just isn’t.  Please try harder.