We were waiting to actively promote The Leelah Project’s fundraising page until we’ve established ourselves a little bit more but I think we’re ready now.

As we have mentioned before, we were working on creating an alliance with local LGBT centers to assist in funding their HRT programs. We had a meeting just yesterday with a center in Santa Ana (we’re withholding the name until the legal documents have been prepared and signed and everything is finalized) and they loved us, our idea, our passion, and our commitment and agreed to an alliance with us!

A major problem in the trans community is trans women not having the funds, insurance, or any kind of resources to undergo hormone therapy or receive medication to transition. The center we’re teaming up with has a phenomenal “Trans*istions” program that includes HRT treatment, medication, therapy services, and recreational groups. Basically, TLP is going to help subsidize the program so all of the programs become more affordable to the uninsured trans women in their community! We’re thinking of something like… The Leelah Project pays for the initial upfront doctor visits (which are pretty hefty) for the people who qualify and 50% of medication costs thereafter, but of course, we won’t have the details ready or accurate until everything is finalized which will happen at the end of the next weekend. We’re also going to become a resource for supplies like the ones in our care packages and we’re going to regularly supply our care packages to the center and their community.

It’s a major step forward with our project and it’s an exciting one too! considers TLP as a cause they support and trust and donated their binders to us and now we’re working with an LGBT center to make their programs more affordable! We’re doing so much and we’ve only been active for less than 2 weeks! It’s outstanding!

But we need support and help now more than ever. 

We’re running out of money to re-stock the supplies needed for our care packages! We’re now officially asking for monetary donations.

With the amount we currently have, we’re able to supply 75 trans men and 75 trans women with our care packages and it’s fantastic! It really is. But with that being said, we are not done yet. Our goal of supplying 250 each is already more than 25% met and we are so thankful for everyone’s support and we need to continue working towards our goal. Especially now that we’re going to provide our care packages to the LGBT centers clients and community.

Click here to donate to our fundraising campaign. We also have a PayPal donation button on the top left side of our blog you can donate to instead. We also have an Amazon Wish-list if you wish to help us to re-stock that way.

We’re also continuing to accept clothing donations. If you want to donate, you can send the items to The Leelah Project at 985 Kendall Dr. Ste. A – 234, San Bernardino, CA 92407. 

Please help us to continue our work. Please help us to continue helping the community as much as we can. If you can’t donate, please spread the word. Thank you so much for the support. We wouldn’t be where we’re at today without you guys.