Ben & Jerry’s Catches Flack For Support Of “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream have always been unconventional in their approach to business, but their support of people of color of has set off a firestorm of controversy. On Facebook, they made the proclamation:

Our scoop shop managers got to meet THE Ben and Jerry at the annual franchisee/manager retreat! Stay tune to see how our shop will implement Ben’s take on “hands up don’t shoot” campaign to address police brutality and empower children of color.

they also you fair trade ingredients in their products so let’s all buy quite frankly a lot of Ben and Jerry’s

They also hire people from troubled backgrounds to make their brownies in new York citt and are paid extremely well.

Their ice cream may be a little expensive, but if you have a little bit of money definitely buy ben and jerry’s