*movie trailer voice* what if you could go back in time…..and KILL adam sandler

actually this would be pretty cool. this guy (ideally me) would go back in time and kill adam sandler before he can make any movies but it turns out that something adam sandler did prevented an all out nuclear war. so the main character has to go back in time and laboriously recreate movies similar enough to adam sandler movies to sustain a reality that doesn’t actually have adam sandler. but there’s still things wrong with the future so he keeps having to become more and more like adam sandler, finally becoming a replacement of him. then a third character comes back from the future and kills the main character for the same reason that the main character originally killed adam sandler. in the end it implies that adam sandler was originally just one of countless time travelers trying to undo the endless cycle of bad movies but in doing so, being indoctrinated into it