i have a coworker that is refusing treatment for lung cancer because he doesn’t want to put his three daughters and wife in debt for the rest of their lives. 

he is literally choosing to die of a treatable disease because the debt of treatment would be such a burden on his family.

so yeah.. tell me that the american healthcare system isn’t broken. 

This is one of the saddest things I have ever read.




  • Hagan(Burnie), Zach(Michael), Woody(Gavin), and Herman(Colton) are Lazer Team
  • Zach has the gun arm thing
  • Hagan has the shield
  • Woody has the helmet
  • Herman has the legs
  • Hagan is a cop
  • Zach did SOMETHING to end up in the back of Hagan’s cop car
  • Gavin is doing his American accent for Woody and sounds like a hick
  • Woody owns a ‘Milford’ shirt with the ‘ord’ scratched off
  • Aliens
  • Use of Gav’s slow-mo cams 10/10

We’ve Been Told

  • Not a real dick that Woody adjusts
  • Once they put the pieces on they don’t come off (I know we were told that somewhere, I just cant find where)
  • Something about a rap battle in the back of a cop car I think? 
  • Aliens

RT Employes Seen

  • Joel is a reporter
  • Lindsay is the soldier next to Caleb
  • Caleb is the soldier at the far end
  • Kdin is a “something or other important looking guy”
  • Gus is a scientist

Personal Headcanons

  • Zach is in his late teens/early twenties. High School/college aged

I’m gonna add to this the more i watch that teaser and once we get the full trailer. Feel free to send me asks with your observations and headcanons and I’ll add them to this list. This can be the lazer team master post or some shit 🙂


the appalling treatment of jewish people and muslims in france and the violence and oppression they face has gotten some more attention these past few months following certain events and i am endlessly glad and grateful about that and support all conversations around it.

but i want you all to know that they are not the only groups that the french government and its people are treating inhumanly. france is one of the worst and most overtly violent countries in its treatment of romani in the entirety of europe.

in 2014 they evicted 13.483 romani from the country. that’s almost three settlements per week. the people evicted were making use of their right to move freely within the EU as citizens of countries like romania and the evictions not only violate EU but also international law.

romani are not allowed to attend school in france either. more than half of romani children surveyed were not attending school and when asked why the parents said they provided all identification and enrolment papers and were rejected anyway on grounds of their ethnicity. this is flat out illegal.

violence and hate crimes against romani are astronomically high in france. reports of romani settlements being burned down or demolished after its inhabitants are forcefully chased out of them are common and the police does nothing about it. in fact, the police is often leading the violence themselves. roma lead the list of hate crimes in europe and france is no exception.

politicians and major public figures often engage in outright hate speech and it’s at best tolerated and at worst encouraged. events like a french mp saying “maybe hitler didn’t kill enough of you” are not isolated incidents.

france isn’t the only perpetrator of violence and oppression of course. romani endure things like forced sterilisation, denial of health care, education or housing and extreme poverty in all of europe. (more sources: 1, 2, 3). but they are definitely among the worst. 

one of the reasons why france is able to get away with this is because almost no one knows or cares about what is happening to france’s romani population. there are no big news articles, no protests, no discussions around this except for very few spaces which don’t have a wide reach. that’s not acceptable at all.

france needs to be held accountable for the violence they perpetrate against the marginalised members of their population and their crimes (because they are crimes!) need to be shared with as many people as possible. if you can, please educate yourself, share information and consider donating to errc.org to help them fight for romani rights.