My annoying landlord


I pay this bitch $1800 every fucking month and all she do is complain about “making too much noise walking around” so I brought a dog whistle and blow it all hours of the day & night now I complain how much her dog barks and keep me up


“Does this game have fall damage?” I ask as I have already leapt off the tallest building in the game



Please run away from people, groups, organisations and ideas who tell you that you are terrible and that they love you and that the proof of their goodness is the ability to love something as terrible as you.

for example, autism speaks


my favourite story about old internet meems is that back in 2010, when ‘im 12 and what is this’ was somehow the funniest joke ever, people were getting banned on gaia online for saying it.  Gaia’s TOS says that you need to be at least 13 to use their site, so by saying ‘im 12 and what is this’ you were essentially admitting that you were underage and breaking the TOS. 

this is, regrettably, the only time a meme was actually illegal. 



after thanksgiving has passed, washington reminds caboose to write a letter to santa before its too late

his list starts like this:

  1. church

He gives it to Tucker to mail to Santa

Tucker has to be alone for a while

to all the 13 year old girls that follow me









  • if you think her skirt is cute, tell her
  • the guy that you have a crush on probably doesn’t take enough showers
  • liking 1D or taylor swift isn’t embarrassing. dont hide it
  • draw draw draw! you’ll be happy to have the skill later on
  • do your homework it’ll help with stress
  • when you’re overwhelmed you should run. it makes you feel better
  • don’t start cutting no matter how afraid you are
  • if that shirt doesn’t fit you it doesn’t matter
  • hug the people you love
  • know that your life is weird right now and it will get better

reblogging because I wish someone told me this when I was 13

– don’t talk shit about people
– if you wanna experiment with your hair/makeup go for it, find what suits you.
– if you start to feel sad alot, tell your parents/friends talk about it
– be the best you can be
– learn to love yourself 

-don’t be embarrassed of anything you like.
-clothes from Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch only fit a certain type of body. Don’t let their narrow-mindedness make you cry in the dressing room
-don’t starve yourself. Please don’t.
-there’s a reason you don’t look like people in magazines and on TV. You look like you and that’s wonderful.

-When your teacher tells your mom she thinks you might have depression and your mom insists you don’t, push harder to find out. If you don’t have it, at least you’ll know, if you do, you’ll get help sooner. Being ‘normal’ isn’t worth your mental health.
-Your body is changing and it’s going to do weird things and people don’t always warn you about those things ahead of time. Find someone you can trust who knows their shit and can talk to you openly about the weird shit your body is doing/going to do.
-If you’re thinking you’re not a girl after all, that’s okay. You aren’t “betraying” anyone, you’re not “weird”, and no one has the right to say otherwise.
-Dance however you want to, don’t let anyone stop you
-You don’t have to like someone, but you should always respect them.
-Go outside more
-If you have an interest, pursue it. Doesn’t matter if it’s not “proper” for a girl or for someone your age
-Don’t let the world talk you into hating your sisters. Lift each other up instead of pushing each other down. Whatever you think you’re competing for isn’t worth it.
-You don’t have to wear make up or shave your legs if you don’t want to. It’s up to you.
-When that eighteen year old boy with the sensitive eyes who likes the same things you do hits on you, walk away. Don’t even go there. It’s not worth it. He’s probably not even that cute.
-Adult you will be embarrassed by you no matter what you do, so don’t worry about what you’ll feel about something ten years from now.

-Don’t let your parents make decisions for you that should be made by you.
-experiment that’s the best age to because you’re young
-make mistakes and learn from them
-talk to the “nerds”
-most of all don’t try to grow up so fast trust me you’re gonna miss when it was so simple to be 13

– don’t be ashamed of what you like wear and what you like to do based upon your gender

– surround yourself with good people that will make you feel safe and uplifted

– don’t waste your time with people who make you feel like shit

– don’t dumb yourself down for anyone

– it’s fine to not have any crushes, it’s fine to have lots, it’s like girls if you’re a girl (or boys if you’re a boy), it’s fine to like neither, and it’s fine to like both

-be proud of who you are

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