wait what’s up with the fine brothers


so on the 26th this moth, the fine bros decided to post this video, announcing their new project called “REACT WORLD”

unfortunately for everyone on this goddamn planet, this “project” is just them copyrighting the word ‘react’. yes. they are copyrighting the word react. why?

so they can make money off of anyone else making a react video. 

this includes people’s own videos such as “grandma reacts to seeing her grandson for the first time!” or “daughter’s reaction when she learns we’re going to disneyland!” …or literally anything with react in the title 

they are gaining copyright to the world’s videos to use them for their own gain!! and everyone hates this and it’s great

they also posted a video today called “Update.” where they start off saying, “we’re only copyrighting our videos! not everyone elses!” and as the video goes on, they slip back into, “yeah we are copyrighting it and we are making money off your videos. haha no offence!”

this also had really low ratings and they’ve lost +65,000 subs as of 2 days ago, i’m guessing way more by now.

TL;DR: the fine bros are copyrighting the word react and making money off of other people’s creations!

and i’m happy because i have dirt on them. lmao

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