b/c i kept seeing some posts float around regarding peeps not being able to make commissions off of Stardew Valley related stuff, i sent a tweet at concerned ape asking if it applied to one-off commissions (think like singular plushies and art commissions, not etsy jewelry, stickers, etc!) 

here’s his answer! /owo/

i imagine he’s like toby fox w/ stardew valley regardin merch

commission your hearts out dears

Useful information!

Please please please be mindful of CA/Chucklefish when they request people not mass produce merchandise. Another thing to avoid is buying/selling merchandise that rips the game’s graphics and uses them (perler art is the big culprit here).

If you are unsure of if you can sell Stardew Valley artwork I suggest contacting Chucklefish or ConcernedApe. I’ve heard Chucklefish issue some cease and desists on Etsy so they are probably less lenient than CA.