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Holy shit

Let me explain why I posted this video.

This video is currently THE fastest speedrun of Super Mario 64 by a margin of 39 seconds. It differs from a regular 0 Star run (normally the fastest) because it involves skipping the first Bowser level by going into the basement earlier than intended. Using the moat door that’s normally unopenable until you finish the first Bowser level.

The actual glitch to do this took years of effort to pull off. Many agreed before that it was possible to do this in theory, and only last year was it able to be pulled off. However, it required ten stars to do so, which didn’t really speed the run up. So they used many of the techniques used in the No A Press run, like PUs and backwards long jumping, to open the door whilst it was still underwater. You can read the team’s comments here.

To recap: the Super Mario 64 speedrunning community used tricks famous in the Scuttlebug Jamboree video to get Super Mario 64′s speedrun time down by 39 seconds. They had to create a whole new category for this run.

And I think that’s great.