my fav type of dirkjohn is dirkjohn filled with like… absolutely juvenile, petty, pigtail pulling on the playground levels of bullshit an nonsense

dirk breaks into johns house just to eat his leftovers and to give 5 star ratings to softcore gay porn on john’s netflix account and screw up his recommendation algorithm

john uses his windy powers to get into dirk’s house undetected, and every day for three weeks systematically moves his furniture one quarter of an inch to the left

dirk takes to re-arranging all of the clothes in john’s dresser so he can never find the shirt he’s looking for

john leaves water balloons in dirk’s mailbox which don’t actually accomplish anything but rolling onto the pavement and bouncing away gently and dirk has to go pick them up like a dumbass because its technically littering

dirk leaves a single slice of brooklyn style pizza tucked snugly underneath john’s windshield wiper like a leaflet 

neither of them can explain why they’re doing this or what it accomplishes when prompted, and everyone around them is disgusted at their weirdass 6th grade level black-red flirting



Staff did a really stupid and stealthy hotfix to the messaging system, where the new IM noises are incredibly loud, annoying screaming, laughing, ‘creepy’ noises in “””Halloween Spirit”””

if you don’t want to be harassed by these god-awful panic inducing noises then just go to your Settings >

Dashboard tab > 

and make sure that your messaging sounds are turned OFF, to the LEFT

y’all should probably spread this post to avoid causing anyone panic attacks from random, loud BWAHAHAHAs.


if voltron was set in modern times instead of the future, imagine how lance would react when he finally got back to earth and found out vine was dead






mood: that vine where the guy gets hit by the bus and his friends shout ‘fuck off ali’ at him

I have been laughing uncontrollably over this for, like, 20 minutes. I can’t stop watching it and laughing. 

Ok so I immediately had to Google “Ali hit by bus” which was autocompleted to “…is he ok” so I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who felt compelled to check, and I found the following:

So you should all be glad to know that Ali was ok and the sub crawl was only delayed by two hours and then continued. ? ? . Man. Nothing stops a party in Glasgow.

I’m glad to know he’s okay so I feel better about the fact that I have been laughing all day just *thinking* of this and I just re-watched it again and laughed until I cried I CANNOT. 




Okay here’s a cleaner post so if y’all could spread THIS and not the virus/screamer claims so people know they’re safe

Like a Lady by Crosa Rosa is being submitted to inboxes anonymously

it may seem odd but it’s NOT a screamer or a virus

it’s just a song

This is most likely a marketing technique to get the song and band more exposure

delete it if you’d like but I want everyone to know they’re 100% safe

please stop making posts about these things without actually checking the information first, it just causes a lot of worry and fear that honestly isn’t needed, like I know y’all wanna be better safe than sorry but PLEASE 

the video itself is transphobic and the band’s response to being called out on that is so far really, really bad jsyak (good post highlighting why over here)

bad marketing and blatant transmisogyny


its so important to have disabled presence in children’s media, disabled kids grow up with really harmful messages about being burdens, ugly and unwanted and that needs to be challenged, we need to be showing disabled kids that they’re valued and amazing

like I remember a few years ago here in the UK, there was a disabled woman, Cerrie Burnell, who’s right arm ends a little past her elbow, who did some presenting on kids tv and parents wrote in and complained about her and said she was scary for children and shouldn’t be there because she was disabled

children are seen as being needed to be sheltered from the ~terrifying~ and ~horrifying~ reality of disabled people and that really hurts disabled kids and also massively contributes to adults hating and fearing disabled people since that’s what they were taught to do as kids

whether it’s disabled presenters or disabled characters, children’s media has to do more to acknowledge and celebrate disabled people