Thought I’d give self-advertising a shot, on the off chance, since I’m thinking of relocating to Los Angeles or San Francisco (I’m okay with either; still debating) and I would definitely feel more comfortable going with a more stable job. I’ve been focusing for a role as a background painter/designer or visual development and so my portfolio is primarily 2D, but I do have experience with 3D modeling, compositing, motion graphics, and web design. You can view more of my work at behance.net/kivvi. I’ll still be available for freelancing in the meantime.

Anyway, I’m planning to be physically be in the state starting April to start house-hunting! And as I won’t really know anyone in the area, if you know anyone who’s looking for a housemate or if you’d just like to meet up, I’d be happy to confirm that I’m not a serial killer ?.

Feel free to e-mail me at vjohkv@gmail.com! Or any messaging platform besides Instagram, which I keep forgetting to check, @kvebox. I appreciate all/any help and support, thank you! 03/01/17.