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a popular blogger confesses to real, irl murder on their vent blog. a post goes around from someone called ‘bpdhamilton’ saying “hey guys bowserslefttesticle is a murderer and also hella aphobic so please dont reblog their posts :/”

Followed by a post by from somebody called ‘candidcandide’ going “Um, excuse me, but…free speech?!? Like I’m personally against murder, but if we prevent bowserslefttesticle from talking about how he killed somebody, doesn’t that essentially make us the same as the murderer? Take the high road, you guys.”

Some people???? Commit murder??? To cope??????????

to all you murderers out there: you are valid

the A in LGBTQPIA stands for assassin

i want to value everything i own. but like, i know i have some valuable books, and a lot of worthless ones. i have 307 books.


my estimate of how much np i have in items was a little off

i have a stamp worth 6mil

WAIT i have another stamp worth 9mil???????????

theres a shoyru in the pound called skreeek, it would be cool if someone could adopt her

she’s been in there for about 8 years now

u can get a krawk for 120k?? and a draik for 160k???????

ok wtf??? the most expensive paint brush is 7mil?? back in my day i was saving up for a 12mil pirate paint brush

if i cant be rich in real life at least i can be rich on neopets

bc ive kind of stopped playing neopets i forgot how much np i have. today i was thinking about it and i thought i had like 6mil and like 2mil in items. its actually 10mil and like 4mil in items or potential items