i just got sirius to not bark at/chase a possum for the first time ever



honestly minecraft is a good game and i will never forgive the internet for making people feel bad for liking a game about fucking mining and building houses

Ya know what? Good post OP.



hi i’m a dev at bioware and i need help with my budgeting

hair and face customization- $2,000
dialogue options- $1,200
plot-related content- $3,000
pointless map space- $275,000,000
character backgrounds- $1,000
facial expressions models- $25

please recommend a way to manage my spending thanks!!!!

hi todd howard here! i can see what’s off right away- you’re spending too much money on plot related content when it can be used for pointless map space


i feel like a lot of people don’t give bd enough credit for being a fucking bitch. appreciate her villainess.


nstead of *~edgy~* “it was all a dream/mental illness/coma” AUs how about we just go with “it was all dungeons and dragons” AUs because that’s not ableist and lets us create character sheets


anybody else remember in [s] synchronize when dirk was alone on his tower in the middle of the ocean with 0 witnesses and nobody to impress and time was of the essence but he was still doing a bunch of stupid fucking grinds and flips on his rocketboard for absolutely no reason. iconic