I have to belive that Lup isn’t truly, permanently dead because I need, on a base level, to hear the scene where they roll up to the artificers office and Leon realizes that there’s two of them now.

Can you imagine.






do u think any of the kids (especially jane) were ever sleeping in the new universe and then their eyes just shoot open like “…we fought and killed popular webcomic characters the midnight crew”

side question: do u think any of the humans recognized hussie in the dreambubbles as the author of Problem Sleuth and the Midnight Crew? obviously they didnt really know what his deal was or why he was there but do u think any  recognized him and just went “…anyway” because thats just kinda what you do after the 15th bizarre twist paradox space has thrown at you

i mean if the apocalypse really did start and i ran into Hussie i probably wouldnt think twice about it either tbh

tbh i didn’t really consider that but you’re right i think i’d be more surprised if he wasn’t involved somehow





just a quick note- no trans person has ever said “did you just assume my gender.” trans people are very aware of how their gender and physical appearance differ and that visually one might assume that they are a man/woman when they are actually not. that’s kind of the whole idea of gender dysphoria. 

and also you’ve beaten your “attack helicopter” joke into the fucking ground. cut that shit out.

i wanted to add one more thing to this post that other people have pointed out: i know its an awkward question, but a lot of trans people are going to be 100% fine with you asking what their gender is, or with calmly correcting you if you get it wrong. and if they’re not, then they’re way more likely to keep it to themselves than get visibly angry with someone. this idea that trans people just go apeshit when people misgender them accidentally/when first meeting them is a complete fabrication for a stupid joke and that’s why i despise it so much. 

I can’t afford to get visibly angry about people misgendering me because that puts me in danger of getting harmed. once a cis person finds out my gender, one of two things will happen: they either accept me to various degrees, or they reject me and potentially escalate the situation. politeness is the only way I can decrease the risk of the latter.

the “DID YOU ASSUME MY GENDER?!” trope only serves to make trans people look ridiculous/unreasonable in the eyes of cis people, and places in their minds preconceptions about us that makes it harder, ultimately, for us to come out safely. if all they know about trans people are shitty jokes, then we as a people become those jokes to them.

should you read homestuck?


have you ever wished harry potter had more memes? is your favorite part of video games the sound design? are you fascinated by mysterious internet cryptids? do you yearn for the day that will smith is recognized as an important pop culture icon? do you wish you were more comfortable with writing in the second person point of view or verbs that start with the letter a? do you have a lot of free time?