I love how in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve and Bucky are having their dramatic highway battle and the cars in the other lane just keep driving. Like, the regular people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe must be so jaded at this point. Like, “Ho hum. Another Monday. Aw dangit. Looks like they’re at it again. The five o’clock rush is gonna be hell.”

Various twitter accounts just like:

So-called superheroes making me late to work again. Are they gonna employ me when I get fired for their incompetence? ?


No one at work believes I was late because I missed my turn due to “enormous bird man.”

Captain America vs SHIELD secret police have shootout on freeway in DC. What are they not telling us?

Dropped my snack in floorboard bc some metal arm dude flew off this car & into the gd road. Skittles everywhere.

Saw some guy get tossed into oncoming traffic and hit by a penske truck this afternoon. #gross #wasgettinglunch #nevermind ?


Saw Black Widow on bridge this afternoon. #daymade

Which Avenger has a metal arm? #newfave ?

Think I saw Cap A out of costume & still fighting shit. Either that or some kids have taken LARPing too far.

Is there an Avengers with wings? Seriously. This is important.

Pray for those caught in #Hwy95 incident. Bus overturned. Potential Avengers situation. ?

Ridding the world of evil? What about the evil of making a girl late to her lunch date? Smh

Got bullet holes in my car today, but it also shielded black widow so like thank you ma’am. It’s been an honor.

I wanna hear traffic reports from the MCU

“Traffic’s going just fine on I-70 but I-65 is backed up due to what looks likes three people taking on one guy with a metal arm and a some random cannon fodder. If you’re headin’ north on 1-65, you might want to find an alternate route. Back to you in the studio, Jim.”









i used to get self-conscious over the smallest things but friends let me tell you that today i had to smuggle a furious 8ft python onto the bus during the school rush and not a single person noticed. not one. if people don’t care enough to notice a shopping bag writhing and seething with barely-contained reptilian hatred then i promise you that no-one will pay any attention to that blemish you’re fretting about or how you’ve done your hair

Question, why are you bringing a 8 ft python into a public bus? You know that this reptile can kill anyone inside there?

buddy she’s a snake not a flying death tentacle

snakes are not evil killers out for blood, and length doesn’t mean lethality! my biggest guy is 11 ft– if i have him around my neck, both his face and his tail touch the floor– and even his species struggles to take down anything bigger than a small-to-medium dog

the worst damage that my 8fter is capable of is when she decides to do an impression of a blood-pressure cuff and makes my arm go a bit purple, and even that’s just when i humour her dreams of being big and scary and let her squeeze her hardest before i unwind her like a bratty garden hose

as long as you’re not some sort of magical tumblring rat, you’re fine

Okay, I gotta ask…

1. Why was she angry?

2. Where were you taking her on the bus? Is there a leash-free snake park where you live?

I need to know.

1. she’s a cranky ass in general, but her mood was absolutely not improved by eating a bit of a snake hook, getting stuffed in a sack, experiencing an hour of adelaide’s finest public transport, and having a vet jam a tube into her stomach

2. i think all of australia is technically a leash-free snake park tbh

I am so glad there was follow up on this post explaining why the snake was on the bus!!!

“bratty garden hose” I’m dying

All of Australia is a leash-free snake park.






this isnt terribly new info but i wanna mention it anyway! ivanka trump’s clothing line was having trouble selling bc of the family’s huge drop in popularity, so they secretly renamed the brand Adrienne Vittadini

if you dont wanna support the trump family/ivanka, keep an eye on what ur buyin fam 🙂

They did not rename the brand.

Adrienne Vittadini is an existing fashion designer. (Using her brand was an especially gross move because she came to the United States as a refugee during the Hungarian revolution.)

Some of Ivanka’s brand was re-labeled with Vittadini tags and sold to Stein Mart. Now that they’ve been found out, it looks like they’re going to pull those clothes, and it doesn’t look like any of them ended up at major retailers.

Before you buy anything with the Vittadini label at a department store, make sure it’s an original label. (Changing the label shockingly isn’t illegal but they do have to include a tag saying the label has been changed.) Or only buy directly from the brand itself.

What the fuck this is so much worse

reblogging for new info omfg this is worse

Congrats on your new job! I’m glad things are working out for you ? A question though-what is the problem with wearing the Star of David to an interview? I’m not trying to be condescending here, I just don’t know much about the Jewish culture and the stigma you face, and I’d like to know more so I can help! ?


Well, there’s not much you can do to “help”, exactly, other than to promote Jewish voices and you know, speak out against bigotry. But basically, I went to a job interview several months back and wore my David necklace. My Dad was visiting shortly after and I wore my star to dinner. He was asking me how it went and then noticed the necklace and suddenly got very serious and went, “You didn’t wear THAT, did you?!” And when I said yes, he freaked a little.

While my dad was a young professional during the seventies, eighties, and nineties… Anti-Semitism has this sort of odd place within the bigotry/repression sphere, especially in the US. A lot of us are white, so we “pass” for “PROPER” white… As long as we don’t remind people that we’re Jewish (as I’ll get into later, that can be easier said than done) And while the “standards” of “PROPER” white have become more flexible in recent years (it used to be that Pols, Irish, Greeks, and Italians were almost on the same level as Jews in the US). Things have gotten better for a lot of the “non-proper white” groups, and things seemed to be getting better for Jews as well (though our progress has not been what it was for, say, the Pols in America, or the Italians. Keep in mind, when I bring up Pols, I am talking multi-generational Polish AMERICANS, and I am NOT talking about Pols or other Eastern Europeans ESPECIALLY native born and raised Eastern European women, particularly those who are dealing with their own anti-immigrant drama. Don’t let Melania Trump’s golden tower fool you, it can REALLY SUCK being an Eastern European woman) is actually seeming to regress.

Anti-Semitism has a lot of facets to it that allow people to be “subtle” about it. Modern racists have learned this trick to say and do heinous shit to PoC without being too obvious, more or less, their “mainstream”, “alt-right” expressions are in many ways modeled more on the methods of Anti-semitism than, say, a George Wallace speech. Even the old-school racists are starting to do it.

You didn’t hear Donald Trump call anyone that word that starts with “S” and rhymes with “lick.” Yeah, you heard him question a civil court judge’s qualifications to make a ruling on a court case because OF HIS HERITAGE POSSIBLY INTERFERING WITH HIS IMPARTIALITY, but he’s not going to outright call that judge a slur. He can’t just say “Mexicans shouldn’t be allowed to judge me”, he has to do linguistic gymnastics about how said judge, based on his heritage, might be biased by default.

You know how we have all this news about neo-nazis, MRA’s, and White Supremacists using code words and language on search engines or in their writing to say bigoted things or whatever and not be caught in their racism?

Well, that’s no news to Jews. Basically, modern racism has now taken its methods from anti-semitism. It’s the Diet Racism practice, same great bigotry, but with less calories! (But still just as toxic anyways). You’re not going to hear a lot of racists use slurs outside of an anonymous message board. Instead, you’re going to hear bullshit statistics on “Black on Black” crime and the “inner cities” and “exploiting the welfare system and affirmative action”. This has been a growing trend since the 80’s. You won’t hear Trump call anyone the “S” word, you’ll hear about “mexico’s worst being sent over”, “taking our jobs and not paying taxes” and “Puerto Rican immigrants.” “The Jews own Hollywood”, “Those Jews sure have done well for themselves” and “Dear Jewish thing: HERE IS THIS THING I HEARD THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT DID!!” anyone? The group who gets all the old fashioned racism plus the diet stuff are Muslims or really anyone of Middle Eastern heritage.

See, our ability to “pass” and our odd “not proper white” public profile (for those of us who are white) means that people have had to play the mental gymnastics thing with us for a looooong time. It’s not just that we’re “not proper white” of course, it’s that our group has reputations for being “tricky”. So when someone finds out we’re Jewish, ah-hah! And all this time before people thought we were a proper white person! And if we’re upfront about who we are, we’re “shoving it down peoples’ throats”, “trying to co-opt REAL oppression” and, among the most popular among employers, “This person will probably use Jewish Holidays to try and get out of work.”

And since we supposedly “own everything anyways” and “are white, basically” (but not proper white, of course), it’s okay to discriminate against us. There’s no REAL struggle to being a Jew, after all, since they own everything and have lots of money and are white (sigh). (And the Holocaust is over anyways!) The big shadow system of powerful Jewish puppet masters will get me a job. And no , when I bring on the white thing, I’m not saying PoC have it better, or that they’re favored over us. I am saying that bigots like to use any excuse they can to be bigoted, and will use the “Well, she’s white, anyways.” As an excuse. (A lot of anti-Semites don’t even view themselves as bigots, or even anti-Semites, really, even if they are, in fact, hostile towards Jews. Sound familiar?)

They use different excuses for PoC, this is just one the Jews get.

Oh, and if you’re a Jewish PoC? It gets even better, since 1) You’re EVEN CRAFTIER for tricking into people thinking you’re NOT a Jew by… Not being white. ANOTHER JEWISH DECEPTION 2) Your Judaiism is questioned even more because you’re not white, 3) Racist White Jews will reject you, and 4) You still get the bonus of having it assumed that the shadow Jewish network will take care of you 5) Anti-Semitic goyim of color will ostracize you as well and may even start calling you white (Being a Jew is this amazing Catch-22 because we’re stereotyped as being the pinnacle of all pejorative white stereotypes and yet aren’t “proper white”) and 6)Even the people who mean well will treat you like some sort of ethnic punchline “LOL you’re a BLACK/LATINO/ARAB JEW, could you HAVE IT ANY WORSE?!” (I have Black, Jewish cousins who have to deal with this shit. They love being Black and Jewish, are proud to be Black and Jewish, and everyone around them wants to make jokes about how their blackness and Jewishness is a curse.)

There are probably about a million other things because I’m a mostly white Jew. Granted, I don’t “pass” for “proper white” in a way that has nothing to do with my choice in Jewelry. But I’m still clearly white and therefore “white enough” as long as I don’t seem “too Jewish.” Keep in mind, I was often found “too Jewish” BEFORE I EVEN BECAME A PRACTICING JEW. I WAS TOO JEWISH EVEN BACK WHEN I WAS TECHNICALLY CATHOLIC. (But despite the religious contradiction, you apparently can totally be Catholic and Jewish, and indeed, still “too Jewish” despite how often you do to Church. Because Ethnicity and Othering. Since we’re not “really” a religion anyways, you’re still totally Jew despite how devoutly Catholic you are!) I mean, sure, I was raised with Jewish traditions among my Jewish family in a Jewish neighborhood and went to Temple occasionally, but my Mom raised my sister and I Catholic [with Jewish traditions thrown in because my Mom fucking loves Jews so much she married one then threw herself into keeping our heritage in our lives as much as she could short of NOT raising us Catholic. She’s the one who ended up giving me my Star necklace when I converted and got me in touch with a proper school trough her best friend, who is literally a Rabbi.] But even back when my instincts were to make a sign of the cross when shocked and was walking around in my uniform that literally had PAUL VI CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL plastered on it, I had people “guessing” I was Jewish. Even if I didn’t mention my last name. And keep in mind, my first name is ‘Wendy’, which is not exactly Rachel, Ruth, Deborah, Judy, Esther, Rebecca, Sarah, Leah, Haddassah, or Miriam. But, well… Dark hair, dark eyes, wide nose, pale skin, short, high cheek bones…. JEW! You just said “Oy”, JEW!!!

And, in a work place, one of the most popular things to assume our crafty Jewish minds are out to do is get out of work and use our religion/culture as an excuse.

Even a show I love, like Futurama? When, during episodes, the holiday Bender makes up to get out of work? “Robannukah”. They even make an entire section of the holiday special about it, complete with a musical number reminiscent of “Hava Nagila” and the entire Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack and a resolution involving Oil Lasting Much Much Longer Than It Should Have. They don’t treat Kwanzaa with much more respect, but at least include ACTUAL BLACK PEOPLE WHO CELEBRATE IT in the portrayal of it. No Jews in Futurama, unless you count the Hannukah Zombie.

There’s a whole Family Guy sketch where Stewie straight up tells a clueless Rabbi that he thinks his religion is just a scam to get extra holidays off. Never mind that with the two major Christian holidays, ENTIRE WEEKS OFF are given by educational institutions for celebrating it, that Christianity purposely placed the Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter during the Hannukah and Passover seasons, and to up the anti, extended their winter holiday from eight days to TWELVE. Or that the western staple of the weekend (constructed by Christian ruling bodies) being time off is based on them moving their sabbath to Sunday (to ease in Pagans) while ALSO insisting on using our Sabbath as a Day of Rest as well. But yeah, we’re the ones trying to scam our employers to get “extra” days off. You know, because they’re not always the EXACT DAYS Christians have designated as the proper days off. Hell, most Western Jews at this point have basically thrown in the towel, just celebrating many of our High Holy days on a weekend or convenient National Holiday/ regardless of what our calendar says because we so much as ask to leave early on Fridays, it’s us “using our religion” to work less. Meanwhile, predominantly goyim ruling bodies create things like Columbus, Labor, and Arbor Day.

Another favorite excuse from employers about Jews is creating “tension” with Muslim and/or Palestinian employees, which is utterly horriblarious. ESPECIALLY in DC, which has fucking EVERYONE here. Like, I’ve yet to meet a Palestinian (and, actually, a Muslim) that I haven’t gotten along with. Seriously. I’ve had long discussions with Palestinians SPECIFICALLY ABOUT Israel and Palestine and walked away from the encounter WITH THEIR PHONE NUMBER. PALESTINIANS HAVE LITERALLY BOUGHT ME DINNER AFTER TALKING TO ME, KNOWING I WAS JEWISH. A Palestinian who moves to the capital of the Israeli State’s most powerful ally is NOT going to GAF about being around a Jew. If their sensitivities about The Israeli conflict were such that WORKING AROUND A JEW would disrupt their work performance, THEN SO WOULD MOVING TO DC AND SPENDING SEVERAL HOURS A DAY WORKING ON MILITARY CONTRACTS FOR ISRAEL’S CHIEF ALLY. Also, like, you know, all normal people, their goal is to do their job, pay the rent, and not disrupt shit to make anyone’s work life more difficult. But how actual Muslims and Palestinians feel is not really the point. The point is an excuse to be a dick to Jews. TBH, I believe I’d have a better chance of getting a job wearing my star interviewing with a Palestinian or Muslim than I would with a white goyim.

Yeah, so that’s basically it. In certain work places, making it clear you’re a Jew (i.e. Wearing a small necklace with a six pointed star on it) is basically an invitation to “please come up with a bullshit excuse to discriminate against me. I AM THE OTHER.”

My current job is great. I’m on my first couple of days, I’m having fun. The environment here is diverse. The cubicle they gave me already had an equality sticker pinned up and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my Bombshells Batwoman statue. I’ve mentioned the Jewish thing in conversations about the statue and peoples’ responses are devoid of any hint of issue. I just have to memorize and categorize a lot of stuff.



















Azula was one of the best written static characters on ATLA

And they wanted me to believe Zuko weak ass could beat my queen ? TUH

they had to make her have a mental breakdown to give Zuzu the edge smh

*prepares thinkpiece on ATLA*

I just think it’s funny how the only representation of mental instability and neurodivergence on the show led to the downfall of the most powerful female character

Ummmmm? The most powerful female character was blind though and didn’t have a mental breakdown?

Azula can fly with fire and therefore can avoid detection by Toph’s seismic sense

CLEARY yall forgot about this lady

she can fucking bend blood… like don’t tell me she isnt the most powerful character 

Not powerful enough to stop her top lip from looking like the crust of a beef patty but ok. Why you so loud for ?

O m g

Things are heating up in the Avatar fandom

Anyway…even Zuzu knew he couldn’t take her on by himself that’s WHY he brought Katara along. But then his dumbass thought “Oh she’s ‘slippin’ so I can take her” but my queen was like YEET! 

So we gonna act like Katara didn’t bring Aang back from the dead and stop the rain in a whole ass area? And mastered Blood Bending in like 3.5 seconds, y’all tripping

Remember Katara went toe to toe with Azula in the crystal caves and had her ass yanked up in the air like she was about to pull a Mortal Kombat finisher. Zuko had to bring her cause he knew he’d get that ass whooped and needed Katara to win. Respect her gangsta.

Also Hama lip looking like Beef Patty crust ???

Katara fucking WRECKED Azula and snatched her entire soul in like five minutes flat.


Not only that, Katara fucking wrecked Azula back in THE SEASON 2 FINALE

She was fighting Azula, Aang was fighting Zuko

She had Azula on the ropes and panicking the entire time. If Zuko hadn’t knocked Aang temporarily away and jumped in to help, Katara would have beaten Azula then too, even when Azula was fully mentally stable.

Even with the power of Sozin’s Comet kicking Azula’s bending up by a thousand, Katara was able to beat Azula in five minutes. Most powerful female character my ass. 

I just love that there were enough ridiculously powerful female characters in the show that we can have arguments like this.

Things they don’t tell you about being a first time wheelchair user in highschool


Literally everyone will ask if you broke your leg(s). Everyone. Even people you don’t know. Theyll ask a lot and think you’re extremely fragile.

bruises show up within the first day of rolling around, and they can really suck

people will try to grab your chair if they think you’re struggling and it can be hard not to snap at them for it

static electricity is a huge issue. You will probably either continuously shock your leg when you’re rolling around or do what I did today and zap someone so hard as you pass that both of you nearly keel over

people will call you out as a faker if you do anything even remotely fun ever on your wheelchair. Wheelies? Obviously your legs are fine lol not like you have to go down fucking curbs /s

puddles are the worst and if there’s a curb with a puddle all around and you have some ability to walk its a better idea to just stand up and navigate the chair than to fall backwards into said puddle

weird looks from people are inevitable, especially from people who don’t like you

bus drivers will often push your chair and give you advise you don’t want to hear, even if you tell them nicely you can push yourself. Its really hard not to get mad at them for it

no wheelies in school. Though if you do it in the elevator when no one else is with you you can’t really get caught.

speaking of wheelies, always be ready to throw at least one arm behind you in case you fall. They say tuck your chin in but its easier and more reliable to throw your hands back and keep your neck up so you don’t hit the floor. Sore arms are way easier to put up with than head injuries

don’t even bother to try and roll back up curbs. You will either be there for an hour or fall backwards. I managed to do both.

90% of classrooms that aren’t special ed are not very wheelchair accessible.

people will automatically assume you’re faking something if you’re not considered dumb enough in their standards to fit in with disabled students (aka high class ableism at its finest)

people are going to give you weird looks if you don’t suddenly start sitting with the other disabled kids

standard backpacks usually dangle way too much to keep on you easily, so try to pack light

built in storage on wheelchairs cannot sufficiently carry books

don’t try to hold an umbrella. Period. Especially not with your teeth. It doesn’t work.

don’t try to give the bus driver your ticket while you’re stuck on the ramp. And speaking of, its easy to start falling down the bus ramp so be careful, and when in doubt throw on the breaks

and finally if you’re like me pray to god you don’t go nonverbal when someone is trying to push you and you don’t want them to because it is hard to get them to stop if you can’t speak

able-bodied people can and should 1000% reblog this, some of these things I’ve seen on tips about using a wheelchair but a lot of these weren’t things I’ve seen