What The Signs Have In Them

Aries: Adventure, the urge to discover what time has hidden

Taurus: The sky, and so much potential

Gemini: Extremely conflicting emotions that may leave them partially blinded

Cancer: The power to bring together complete opposites to form a strong group

Leo: Love, and the ability to project that love onto others

Virgo: A cavity caused by hope, that fills the rest of them with determination

Libra: A sense of justice that overpowers all other senses

Scorpio: Extreme luck

Sagittarius: Completely amazing strength

Capricorn: The ability to destroy with unbridled rage

Aquarius: Only half of their true potential

Pisces: Life itself, and the urge to change it


In an actor/everyone is famous au, Lance would tweet stuff like ‘about to arrive at the Oscars with the smartest & most beautiful woman I’ve ever met ?’ and then five minutes later pose in front of the cameras with his mom 

me: babe check out this high chair I bought on craigslist for our baby
wife: that’s definitely a lifeguard’s chair
me. not the character ‘me’ in this fictional scenario, but me, the creator of this post: I guess the joke here is that lifeguard chairs are very tall, and the character was looking for a high chair for their baby. It’s literally a high chair. You can even imagine the characters climbing up the ladder to strap the baby into the chair and retrieve it afterwards if you wish. Haha have a good night everyone



it’s so weirdly common to be rude to people who need subtitles or want subtitles as if it’s some kind of nuisance to have subtitles, but honestly? normalize having subtitles on everything. overall it can help people with language barriers who can read better than they can listen to a language, it helps people with comprehension issues, it helps people who have trouble hearing, it helps in general so whatever you’re watching isn’t interrupted by someone asking what someone just said, just put subtitles on! what the hell!

I have parsing issues– which means that sometimes, even though I hear the words just fine, I can’t understand them. It sounds like a perfectly spoken string of gobbledygook. And for some reason, I get this problem LIKE CRAZY when watching movies. 

I hate asking for subtitles, but I need them. 





where are these new privacy settings tumblr is bragging about

am i blind. it takes me to a page with no new privacy settings

yeah i was really confused by that too. whats happening……

tumblr has lead me into a basement with promises of privacy settings and instead it chained me to a wall and is bricking up the entrance