this was for a school project but also a power move and my favorite pic of me

listen i don’t know if this was the original point of the piece but this is literally one of the most powerful images I’ve seen in relation to female artists and sexuality

it is a HUGE issue to get modern art historians to recognize historical lgbtq+ artists, especially women. A female artist could have never married, spent time with other publicly lgbt figures, and been living with a female partner for most of their lives, and yet you still get art historians who will jokingly be like “I guess that makes them a lesbian right? haha!” um yeah, professor janet, it does, and it’s not a joke

with that context, this piece gains an incredible amount of depth. I could write a full ten page paper on this piece alone. This is a self portrait (which beautifully and ironically emulates classic Renaissance formula) says “I am an artist, and I’m gay” in a way that by definition cannot be removed or questioned. Power move indeed, holy shit

what a nice and wholesome comment on this!!