‘bi people can pass as straight!’

anyone can pass as straight, if they silence themselves enough.




you can find fashion advice on how to make things more visually manageable and more comfortable, but for bigger guys some of those tips don’t apply and some issues will come up anyway. here’s some stuff I could’ve stood to know last year.

  • if you feel the need to layer or wear something thick, sleeveless hoodies exist. they can save you a bit of heat.
  • take off layers when you can. wash carefully in the folds of your skin, dab moisture away occasionally during the day, and wash your binders OFTEN.
  • fungal infections: for bigger guys, these can happen between and under breasts. if you notice a vinegary smell when you unbind, that’s what that is. afaik there’s no massive health risk from this kind of thing on your skin, but still try to keep those areas dry and clean.
  • you might get some pimples on your chest, which is fine.
  • you might also get sebaceous cysts. LEAVE THEM ALONE. do not try to pop them yourself, it increases risk of infection. they’ll probably go away on their own; if one becomes inflamed, see a doctor.
  • in the heat, your binder will stick to your skin more and the shoulder straps will dig into your skin. don’t wait until you’re bleeding – if it feels raw at all, pad your straps. you can get bra strap pads online, or just make your own with whatever you have handy.
  • lastly: drink a lot of water. you’re wearing layers, and binders are skintight. you will sweat more.

I know everything is gross + miserable but hang in there and take care of yourself.




We like to think the internet within the past half decade or so has honed shitposting down to a science but racing horse names have us beat by decades

This is a case of necessity is the mother of invention- for both race horses and purebred show animals, every.single.animal. needs to have a unique name for record keeping purposes.

Imagine trying to come up with a cool username if you aren’t allowed to add random numbers and underscores- only pronounceable words. Now imagine that this website has had tens of millions of users, and even after someone leaves the site their username can never be recycled.


Pedigree Shitpost Bingo would make a great horse name




1 cuil: you play a computer game with your friends, the game ends the world

2 cuil: you play a computer game with your friends, the game ends the world and unleashed a hellish time demon that kills the dead and devours several universes

3 cuil: you stand in a room, you have yet to be named, you are named and retreat your arms from a magic chest, you speak to your friends who are genetic mixtures of past selves, you play a computer game with your friends, the game ends the world and unleashed a hellish time demon that kills the dead and devours several universes

4 cuil: your dad has no face, your dad is your half brother, your sister is half dog, in another timeline you are raised by a violent fish bug alien who hides behind a quick baked goods company as she plots to take over your planet, she comes from a different planet with two moons, in another timeline she is a teenager who plays an ancient and cursed game and blows up her friends so she can save their lives right now she gathers an army to fight someone who is coming yet already there in the prior timeline you have a best friend who has a brother who is his dad who in a different timeline befriends the alien demon who becomes your ultimate foe, your ultimate foe has a sister who is in the same body as her brother who is friends with your grandma who at one point gave birth to your dad who is actually your half brother your grandma is friend’s with your other friends mom your other friend was filled with a terrible darkness by space squids, the darkness is now banished and she is now dating a glowing vampire alien bug you are on a flying boat inbetween time and space you are the breath between time and space your dog sister and a bird clone of your best friend was dating and they grow up you play a cheap ghostbusters game

5 cuil: your favorite actors are matthew mcconaughey and nic cage



The worst trick a childhood anxiety disorder pulls is, you spend your early years being applauded for being so much more mature than your peers, because you aren’t disruptive, you don’t want any kind of attention, you don’t express yourself, you keep yourself to yourself – this makes you a pleasure to have in class, etc etc – and you start to believe it’s virtue. But you’re actually way behind your peers in normal social development, and who knows if you can ever catch up.

Never heard a truer thing in my life.