Just out of curiosity but do you have any more ideas/headcanons about the Paladins and their use of social media in space?


Let’s be honest I always have more ideas about Altean wifi…

  • NASA (and the science community
    in general) are all very excited about the scientific knowledge that an alien
    race as advanced as the Alteans might be able to give them.
    • Space twitter:  ask away! Our science officer
      is here and ready to answer all your questions!
    • The ensuing ‘conversation’ lasts
      about 30 minutes and goes about as well as can be expected
  • Lance posts pictures of Pidge on
    Olkari all with the caption “photosynthesis: hacked”
    • Pidge: When we get back to Earth
      I’m going to hack a tree, I’ll hack a squirrel, I’ll hack an ibis!
  • Pidge posts several really blurry
    photos with the caption “PROOF OF ALIENS”
  • The space mice become very
    popular, especially with kids. Lance knits them different sweaters for all the
    different Earthen holidays
  • Allura gets really into making
    moodboards, which are always matched amazingly well for colour, sometimes less
    so for substance
    • Her most popular moodboard to
      date has in order: a blueberry, a picture of Slav floating through space, a
      blue hairdryer, a plastic blue chair, an engagement ring with inlaid sapphires,
      kaltenecker wearing a blue bow, sonic the hedgehog, a Blu-ray copy of finding
      nemo and a picture of the blue lion with the caption “blue, the color of our
      planet from far, far away
      • Lance, holding back a laugh:
        that’s … really good Allura. I love how well everything fits together
        Allura: thank you, I’m glad you
        like it
        Lance: What made you pick that
        quote in particular?
        Allura: I thought it was nice
        that both Altea and Earth are blue planets. All the pictures are things that
        remind me of home
        Lance, choking back a sob: oh,
        that’s… really great
      • Coran burst into tears the first
        time he saw it
  • In response to the spacehoaxers Hunk and Lance make a patreon for “performance art exploring social media from the perspective of four teenagers and Shiro stuck in space”
    • “If we get to one million patrons we’ll tell you how the Slav puppet works”
    • “If we get two million we’ll publish a behind the scenes look at the ‘Altean shapeshifting video’”
    • “If we get to seven patrons we’ll try to shave Keith’s mullet”
  • Lance and Pidge tried to do a prank video
    where they Rickrolled Coran and Allura. They both thought it was an absolute
    banger and played it on repeat for close to a week.
    • The meme team has many regrets
  • Lance over twitter: anyone here
    willing to receive an Amazon package and then pass it through a small wormhole
    the exact size and shape of the box?
    • Allura from the other room: no
  • Keith likes to make self-defence
    videos that are all strangely specific
    • Keith: now, if you want to disarm two Galra sentries in a ship of the blueprint
      J configuration where the guards are following a strict pattern C-alpha patrol
      and all you have on hand is a Luxite knife here’s what you want to do…
    • The comment section on all these
      videos are mostly him explaining to people how you would adjust these
      techniques for their own scenarios (along with comments from Pidge tallying how
      many times Shiro has made them watch the videos during training)
  • Hunk creates a subreddit for
    suggestions on how to fix/improve different parts of the ship using the limited
    supplies they have
    (you can’t convince me that Hunk
    didn’t have a reddit account on Earth and positive karma to spare)
    • It’s one of the most useful
      sources of information they have and saves their necks more than once
  • There’s another thread called
    “unflattering pictures of Lance” that no one finds out about until
    the photos start making it onto Twitter that Hunk denies making
    • Pidge commissions an oil painting
      of one of the most popular pictures for Lance for his birthday