one of the nice things about heterosexuals i never see talked about on here is that they haven’t already heard all your gay jokes yet. i just really appreciate having a new audience sometimes for my completely automatic responses to phrases like ‘i’ll be straight with you’. so, shoutout to all the innocent hets out there who have a genuine giggle over lame quips that a fellow queer would groan and hit me for. ilu guys. 

I recently no scoped my coworker when she asked me “What’s in the closet, anyway?” and I automatically said “me”. She lost her mind. Full cackling in the middle of the store. I never thought I’d see the day that joke would work but here I was, blessed with an unexperienced heterosexual. It was transcendent. 

I once had a girl working on a display where I work, and she commented, “I thought this would be straighter when I got done with it.” And I said, “my mother thought the same thing about me”, and everyone around us lost it. It was a blessed moment.



JKR said that Hagrid still works at Hogwarts in 2017, which means he’s still been alive these past few decades, and I just really hope someone took him to see How to Train Your Dragon.

that someone’s name is charlie weasley and they both cried 








Don’t let aesthetic blogs fool you, the real 90s aesthetic is “urban” and “attitude”-filled versions of classic cartoon characters on mass-produced merchandise

Kudos to Porky on that last one for looking like he was marching on Pride Parade ‘94

Adding to this, Tweety in specific gets a special achievement award because he was so goddamn pissed off for the entire decade

I still have my “urban” drawstring bags (officially licensed by disney) I got on the plane in the late 90s/early 2000s

The 90s were a strange time

Yes this is the good stuff

Tha fuck they gave Bugs and Taz dreads….

they black now