Aw, how’s this for some good old nostalgia?




No way.


I guess nobody remembered that I was on FictionPress, too.

So, hi. I’m the girl you all knew as Tara. My account really was hacked (twice!), once in 2006 and again in 2009. As of 2017, Support still doesn’t answer my requests to regain it, although I can’t say I blame them. They’re probably scared I’ll flood their site with poorly written sex scenes again.

I’m lucky the hackers never migrated to this account, considering it had the exact same login credentials. (They’ve since been changed, don’t worry.)

I’ll let the account’s creation date speak as to whether it’s legitimate or not.

Thank you all so, so much for keeping My Immortal alive over the years. You fill my heart with so much love. (Preppy moment, oops.)

That’s about all I have to say for now.

Because I’ve received several messages asking this, and predict I may receive more, I’ll answer it here. No, I am not Lani Sarem. Really bad fiction simply tends to read the same. No, I’m not on Facebook. Or Deviantart. Or MySpace. Or Youtube. (Etc.) I am on Tumblr. But I use my real name there, and it’s not Tara.

She’s okay!

You know, you almost had me here. This is good. There’s some audacity in what you’ve done, because it took me longer than it should have, and the help of talking to blackflirtlarping on Discord in panic mode, to discredit it, and usually when a “real Tara” pops up I’ve identified eight problems with their story in the span of like a minute. I was legitimately ready to send off a PM to this account asking if the story was fake or not, because I have a 14,000 word essay on why it’s fake that if disproven would destroy my life and reputation. But, mm, no, this. This isn’t right at all.

So for one, this fictionpress account. This “nostalgia”. Interesting that I have never seen or heard about a fictionpress account before. It’s never come up anywhere in any of the accounts or infoposts or links of accounts or anything of the sort. Even the My Immortal wiki, which gives a lot of time to the proven-not-real Youtube channel, only has new mentions of this fictionpress account in the wake of this post. They’ve never seen it before. This fictionpress account that is for you apparently a nostalgic enough part of this saga to want to revisit and look at. But, nobody has talked about it seemingly ever, and it’s not actually listed anywhere on the internet, so I’m just curious as to how you found it and know about it, and the convenience of this account that nobody has ever seen before being the hot get only days after an update.

But wait a second. How did you even find this? Because in trying to search for this, a funny thing comes up

XXXblodyblaktearz666XXX didn’t fucking exist until a few days ago, it seems. Nobody was talking about it, nobody was linking to it, nobody knew it existed until this post came into being. Even Google’s spiders didn’t find it, but fictionpress isn’t spider-proof; find a writer with a distinct enough handle, punch them into Google, and their FP account will come up just fine. So, how is it that this account with no activity or stories or favorites or anybody talking about it fell into your lap?

Well, I think it’s because despite being from March of 2006, the account had on it a very different name until recently. This is not a known account of Tara Gilesbie and it never was. Nobody knew about it, nobody talked about it, and that’s because this is another fake. A well aged fake, I’ll give it that; a fake that at least used an old account and didn’t start throwing around lots of inconsistent stories and reveals that don’t mesh with anything. But one that’s coming about to cash in on the popularity of the Lani Sarem debacle in what is a too sweet, too perfect coincidence to make this sham any less transparent.

The only way that this is the real Tara’s profile is if you are in fact the real Tara herself.

Dammit I fell for this

I KNEW IT. THERE WAS NO WAY. THE MYSTERY LIVES ON. this is my generations D.B. Cooper