describing yourself as “down to clown” as a joke is funny but dangerous territory you never know when some motherfucker is gonna hand you a bike horn and you’re gonna have to ride a tiny car and wrestle a bull or whatever clowns fucking do homestuck has given me a lot of weird expectations for clowns to be perfectly honest with you






The FCC is actively ignoring all emails and calls from bots; you have to either email or call them yourself for your efforts to matter!

the resistbot twitter has debunked this rumor!!

this isnt true, and resistbot is used to contact your reps not the fcc. i’ve gotten replies from my reps after using resistbot as well. do not spread false information !!


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this post is making rounds on my dash so i’m reblogging the debunked version here too since there’s a lot of followers on this blog



this test just goes to prove that some of yall would literally argue with skaia herself if you were to play sburb and revive as a godtier other than the one you have speculated yourself to be based on years of ‘taken as fact’ fanon

honestly its such a weird fandom to  assume things as canon about because like, we know nothing about how anything works because sburb dont give a fuck, , it broke its own rules to give nepetas land a pun, if you try to play it with to few people it just says “fuck you heres an almost completley different game” what rules we do know are completley arbitrary, for all we know if two people with the same god tier try to play the game they will end up in a game pitteded agaisnt each other with a fucking dice themed conflict

same goes for trolls, earth c basiclly has no rules do to not being oppressive nad alternia is oppressive in bizarre ways, like ya clowns  are a ruling class and refrigerator is considered a fancy word if you assume there are any rules to anything in homestuck your wrong





i dont care if u never listen to me ever again just let me be ur internet dad for just one second: dont start cutting yourselves please ever

ok im gonna reblog this again bc i want more ppl to see it?? ive compiled a (by no means complete) list of the things u can expect if u start:

– u cant stop. its a legitimate addiction. there is no ‘seeing what its like’. its soso hard to stop it and believe me, because that was me. i thought i would sate my curiosity but all i did was make my life miserable
– everything can become a trigger. someone carved things in a table?? trigger. u get a scratch by accident?? trigger. see something sharp?? yup. 
– the scars dont go away and if people see them (and no matter how hard you try, people will see them) they get this awful fucking look on their face like a mixture of disgust and horror and pity 
– u have to sit through people making shitty fucking jokes and calling people like you (real, struggling people like you) edgy emos looking for attention and it makes you feel sick but you have to sit there silently
– in fact, any conversation about self harm becomes thoroughly uncomfortable because they’ll talk about it like no one in the room has ever gone through it (or, if they know, they’ll glance at you out the corner of their eye when they think you cant see)
– any emotion can give you the urges- not just negative. ur body associates the happy feeling with the pain so ur brain is like ‘????? u cant have one without the other??’ 
– it can have been years. years. you can have stopped and got better and you’ll still feel the urge to hurt yourself and it makes you feel like you haven’t improved at all and you’re still fourteen and hating yourself
– (maybe this is just me) but some part of you misses it?? you stopped and you know its horrific but its so difficult to get rid of your blades or whatever you use because you feel so weirdly attached to these things that are so awful and you dont even know why 

god damn i just want yall to understand that you dont have to hurt yourself ever, okay?? just. don’t. trust me.

I will reblog this every single day.

Its a bit too late for me, but not for someone else. Please don’t do it. Its a dumb thing to do and you will regret it.

I will never hesitate to reblog this