So the other night during D&D, I had the sudden thoughts that:

1) Binary files are 1s and 0s

2) Knitting has knit stitches and purl stitches

You could represent binary data in knitting, as a pattern of knits and purls…

You can knit Doom.

However, after crunching some more numbers:

The compressed Doom installer binary is 2.93 MB. Assuming you are using sock weight yarn, with 7 stitches per inch, results in knitted doom being…

3322 square feet

Factoring it out…302 people, each knitting a relatively reasonable 11 square feet, could knit Doom.


The high standards of masculinity that is put upon men is actually enforced by other men, and have nothing to do with women. It is not an example of ways that women “oppress” men

minecraft hates nvidia, i have this problem too

more like, minecraft is made in java for some terrible reason

a while ago i was having a problem where nvidia wasn’t saving my settings. like id change it to what i want and it just. wouldnt change. fixed that with a driver update and now all ~8 versions of java i could find on my computer are forced to use nvidia

i still have no idea what version of java this minecraft launcher is using by default. as far as i can tell, every single java on my computer should be using my nvidia graphics card. but if i set up a new instance, every time, it defaults to some java that uses the integrated graphics card. why is this.


can we please bring back “in poor taste” as a concept

Because at some point it got folded in under “problematic,” and now every damn thing that has Unfortunate Implications or deals with sensitive topics indelicately enough to raise hackles or gores somebody’s sacred cow is treated as a grave injustice or a threat to society. Online activism culture has lost the vocabulary to express “this deals with touchy stuff in a way many people might find inappropriate, and you should probably avoid it if insensitivity on this subject gets you angry/upset, but it’s not promoting hateful ideas or demeaning people or affecting anything but my opinion of the creator’s sense of tact.”