john lennon shortly after being necromanced by me: im john lennon from the beetles  and im alive again, cool

me: [from above] think again john

almost 3000 notes and no one has taken offense to me using necromancy to resurrect john lennon in order to kill him again

oh please we love it! 

reagan’s next



I really can’t stand to see any posts about March for our lives

It’s just too bitter sweet for me. I can’t stop thinking about how black people had police in riot gear and military tanks show up to their peaceful protests with no news coverage at all

Whole neighborhoods were turned into war zones because black people said please stop killing us

Meanwhile predominately white children get to take center stage in national media coverage and no one as tear gased them yet. They get to speak to congress and actually be heard and not written off as worthless…

Look, I was at the march and if you think the military wasn’t there, you’re a fool.

If you think they only let white kids speak, you’re a fool.

All of these kids spoke at length about the disproportionate way gun violence affects their communities, so much so that it’s stopped making the news. I’m sick of the criticism I’m seeing from people who weren’t even there. The truth is that these kids knew that their march was mired in privilege (they talked about that, too!) and they used it to give POC youth leaders a platform to speak. They addressed problems with educational funding, they called out the school-to-prison pipeline that many of these cities have… And then I come here to see all of you cutting it down because “white kids” organized it. Are any of you paying attention?




undel if you’re reading this I’m begging you on my hands and knees please make a water breed dragon that has a salmon head please


hire me

nice i agree




do you ever suddenly realise that every last alchemist in fma is a nerd

they’re scientists. they’re nerds.

and yet somehow…… they also manage to be jocks.

they are the perfect combination of bro and loser. alex has more muscles than friends. roy sulks like a wet puppy when he can’t use his magic flames. ed can’t ride big rollercoasters.

only True Jock in this franchise is Riza Hawkeye and i think that’s beautiful

And Scar was an ultrajock, running around with stolen homework, hunting down nerds as the ultimate bully in Amestris.