Aftran 942′s AU adventures as a human nothlit and reluctant ally to a group of stupid teens* continue.

(*and one teen she’d throw herself in front of a dracon beam for, but she’d never admit that out loud)

pic 1 – assorted sketches

pic 2 – Aftran derailing a team meeting to deliberately antagonize Ax, because even though she’s on the good guys’ side now, she’s still kind of an awful person.

Catie’s vision for Aftran is so very Peridot from Steven Universe and I am LIVING and I want a 100k fic.

THIS IS SO GOOD.  THIS IS REALLY GOOD.  I LOVE THIS.  FUCKING ROAST AX, DO IT.  I am LOVING this.  Aftran painting, living her life, loving Cassie, giving everyone else shit!  I’m so here for this!