everyone: has probably gotten over infinity war

me: still thinking about how so many asgardian civilians were killed with so little regard and how a mass slaughter of refugees is really inappropriate in this political climate, and not to mention they already suffered through so much in the past few days (the destruction of their homeland, the deaths of those that couldn’t reach heimdall), and the optimism they held in making a new home on earth is completely destroyed

How has not A SINGLE ARTICLE yammering about Thanos not mentioned that he breaks his own pitch in THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES. How does nobody in THE MOVIE mention it??

Asgard just lost their whole planet and over 99% of the population. Thanos kills half of the refugees??? HELLO????

Thanos should have shook them down for the Stone and let em go. That would have been interesting!! But no, Russos just really wanted to be Dark™ no matter what, like how does anybody address anything Thanos says with any seriousness at all after that. Even NOT going into how the wealthy kill the planet and anything even INVITING overpopulation as an issue is ignorant and tone deaf, like, “is Thanos full of shit” is done immediately. First shot, it’s over. “he just really believes half the popul–” THERE WERE FIVE HUNDRED AND SEVEN ASGARDIANS LEFT, CARL

my GOD i didn’t even consider it from this angle, this is such a good addition


LIKE, HELLO??? an ENTIRE PLANET is basically reduced to this many people. with the beginning of iw + the snap, the population is a QUARTER of this.

god it’s just so frustrating that right after the movie that humanized the nameless civilians, we get this. and we KNOW these are all civilians, since literally all the soldiers are killed directly by hela.

did fanfic just. increase in quality over the years? because there is so much great homestuck fic, same with a ton of other recent ish fandoms, but old fandoms… not so much

interesting fact: there are 700 invader zim fics on ao3 but 10,800 on

thought of an idea for a fic i really really want to read but the premise is so specific it probably doesnt exist