What happens when you let computers optimize foorplans (I love this SO MUCH)



I eagerly await our new AI masters’ world of ultraoptimized, uncannily organic, evolving foorplans. Joel Simon:

Evolving Floor Plans is an experimental research project
exploring speculative, optimized floor plan layouts. The rooms and
expected flow of people are given to a genetic algorithm which attempts
to optimize the layout to minimize walking time, the use of hallways,
etc. The creative goal is to approach floor plan design solely from the
perspective of optimization and without regard for convention,
constructability, etc. The research goal is to see how a combination of
explicit, implicit and emergent methods allow floor plans of high
complexity to evolve. The floorplan is ‘grown’ from its genetic encoding
using indirect methods such as graph contraction and emergent ones such
as growing hallways using an ant-colony inspired algorithm.

Adds Simon: “I have very mixed feelings about this project.”


Okay, now add the constraint “doesn’t make the construction company scream in horror” and run it again.