jason todd, who grew up in poverty, would absolutely Destroy bruce over tipping. Because for a lot of minimum wage workers, it’s their only source of income! so when Bruce tries to tip a waitress 20$ on a coffee order? think again bitch, make it 50$.

bruce: *tries to tip a waitress 100$ on a 15$ meal

jason: oh so youre stingy now, huh? gonna pay in pocket change next time? there are no ethical billionaires under late capitalism.

bruce, adding another hundred: jason please people are staring








look it’s a well known matter of fact that each and every single boy in homestuck is a weenie baby when it comes down to it

open your eyes people! they’re all weenies! your fave could never and i know it hurts but you just need to accept and understand that they absolutely have not and never will match even a fourth of the tenacity literally any other homestuck girl has in their right pinkies alone

“Not even Dirk?” is what I’d ask if I didn’t know better.

dirk “im going to dissipate into a cloud of pixels due to my sheer manpain” strider is one of the biggest weenies of them all

Sollux is the closest. Literally kills himself twice to save everyone. I don’t know if fucking off into eternity after that counts as weenieing up, but every guy is at least second best to this weenie-ass nerd.

You know, I really truly hate that you’re right.

i fuckin love it thanks solluxisms’ bae


I just watched The Blob for the first time and not to spoil it but cold is the only way to stop it so they ship it to the arctic. And these old B movies get a lot of flack for not actually being scary but the last line of the film was that the blob can’t be killed but at least it’s stopped “so long as the arctic stays frozen” and lemme tell you that is THE most terrifying line a viewer in 2018 could hear.


i put new yellow shoelaces on my boots to show people i am Cool. I walk to my work full of old lady cashiers. “I like your shoelaces.” one of them says to me. I see my life flash before my eyes as this ancient test is presented before me