Videogame Werewolves, rated

Inspired by Emojis rated


A good fur-to-skin ratio, actually looks like it was a human before without looking like something from Harry Potter. Muscular biceps are very nice. 10/10 good boy.

Worgen, World of Warcraft

B I G FANGS! And pointy ears! Definitely designed by someone who wants to bang one. Hands are very large, but the gazing eyes are unsettling. 9/10

The Witcher

Oh god where’s the floof? The skin is burned too, just not very nice looking but definitely scary so good job on that, but not a good boy. 5/10

Vicar Amelia, Bloodborne

I think I just shit myself. ‘AAAHHH’/10

Wolf Link, Legend of Zelda

What a good boy!!! Let’s Midna ride him. Very nice eyes, overall excellent design. Would give treats!!! 15/10

Werehog, Sonic Unleashed