oh god damn it

in my cyberculture art history course, it’s the one (1) lecture on digital art, and the guy’s immediately brought up drawing on ipads and david hockney. 

this is exactly what i hate about the art world + its perception of digital art

to be clear, david hockney is a fine artist who is genuinely good at art and he has achieved renown because of that. but he discovered the ipad in like 2009 and the art world acts like he’s the first person to ever think of drawing on a computer. he gets the credit for it and he doesnt deserve it. because he’s not the first. he’s nowhere near the first. we (that is, internet culture) have been drawing on computers for 15-20 years, i think. sure a lot of it’s shit. but we did it first. hockney only gets the credit because he was already famous

tbh the other issue i have with hockney’s digital work is that i compare it to all the other digital work ive seen (because, duh) and i m o it’s kind of lacking. a lot of it looks pretty beginner to me. like he’s only using one tool bc that’s all he knows how to. it just doesn’t look as good as the stuff people make on the internet. like he does know how to draw, he knows all the theory. but it just isn’t great work imo.