look it’s a well known matter of fact that each and every single boy in homestuck is a weenie baby when it comes down to it

open your eyes people! they’re all weenies! your fave could never and i know it hurts but you just need to accept and understand that they absolutely have not and never will match even a fourth of the tenacity literally any other homestuck girl has in their right pinkies alone

“Not even Dirk?” is what I’d ask if I didn’t know better.

dirk “im going to dissipate into a cloud of pixels due to my sheer manpain” strider is one of the biggest weenies of them all

Sollux is the closest. Literally kills himself twice to save everyone. I don’t know if fucking off into eternity after that counts as weenieing up, but every guy is at least second best to this weenie-ass nerd.

You know, I really truly hate that you’re right.

i fuckin love it thanks solluxisms’ bae