(british lady from hitman voice) Elon Musk eliminated. Good job, 47. Your next target, Jeff Bezos.


Some achievement/feat ideas

“Yep, Still Does Nothing To Me”
Kill Elon Musk with a poison laced marijuana joint

Amazon Grace
Snipe Jeff Bezos from the church tower

Actually, Tesla Was The Doctor
Steer Elon Musk’s self-driving Tesla to run him over

Prime Delivery
Kill Jeff Bezos by dropping a grenade through the chimney into his room

I Like This Color Way Better
Cause Elon Musk’s gory death by removing the forklift safety guidelines

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?
Throw Jeff Bezos into his 10,000 Year Clock

Alexa, Kill This Clown
Electrocute Jeff Bezos with his own Amazon Alexa

Just Like His Kars
Launch Elon Musk into space

Actually, let Grimes launch Elon Musk into space

Wage Against The Machine
Let Jeff Bezos be trampled to death by the angered mob

Appease the Masses
Guillotine both targets