one of my favorite things about the pokemon universe is how the humans are esp. the bad guys 

like mob boss giovonni can pull out a glock and waste my 10 y/o ass but he doesn’t he just accepts that i knocked out his cat and hands me money

I have my own theory that humans in the Pokemon world don’t even have a concept of direct violence. They settle all disputes through Pokemon battles, but also a human without pokemon is entirely helpless.  This might lend its self further to the notion that humans can’t venture outside of towns without bringing trained pokemon to protect them.  Like, can Pokemon world humans even throw a punch? I think the notion of humans ever directly using violence against one another without pokemon involved is something they can’t even think of.

In one of the movies ash just straight up clocks lucario

ash is innovative in a world where humans can’t punch

*steeples fingers* okay so I know this is a humorous fun joke but like…

Let’s think about this for a moment.

Mob Boss Giovanni probably has a gun. Given the level of technological development in pokemon’s universe it’s very unlikely that nobody invented gunpowder or ever thought to put it together into a weapon, or that Giovanni would procure one.

Let’s also assume the average ten-year-old bright-eyed pokemon trainer is not wearing a bulletproof vest, or has particularly impressive gun dodging abilities.

Giovanni shoots child, Giovanni probably dies immediately.


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