from mspaintadventures ad wars and accidental newgrounds ddos attacks to tumblrs periodic site shattering glitches and useless ad algorithms it seems the purest wellspring of Chuckles seems to be dysfunctional websites so instead of migrating to another social media giant in the event of tumblrs potential collapse im going to buy a domain and run it as incompetently as possible then invite all my mates round so we can stand around and kick it like five dads round a broken lawnmower


C-3PO, but with bad image recognition, just walking around Tatooine with his hands over his eyes being constantly scandalized by the sand dunes because his AI tells him he’s surrounded by an endless expanse of nude flesh.




just to be clear, I’m staying here as long as this site functions. I have 0 intentions of deleting this blog, I will go down with this ship if only to see exactly how bad it gets

Big same.

Same, I’m staying until my blog gets deleted or Tumblr is obliterated.





On the early morning of december 17th im going to post the peanut butter baby, an image rich in skin tone pixels, like 50 times in a row, and get banned

They dont like it already

Hold on lemme post another one

Like clockwork