How the fuck did he get hired there giving his name as “The Doctor”?

Im pretty sure he either used psychic paper or said “fuck it” and just made his own name tag and pretended he was hired.

I have one of those Doctor Who books that gives extra info on stuff and someone made up the application he sent to get hired and you really have to find it and see it because it’s pure gold. He put his age as like 1,200 and crossed it out and put 50 or something then wrote “Is that too high?” and crossed that out too and just wrote 29

I know I already reblogged it, but I had a feeling I’d seen that application IRL, so I dug out my books and went looking.



i cant

“Male so far”

rating all of the doctors outfits based on how gay they are


first doctor:


i can tell this was once something gayer. it gives off the vibe of a brideshead revisited cover if u aged everyone up 70 yrs. the plaid pants mean something, the coat but its just not…cohesive. 5/10

second doctor:


see, this is very much like ones, but the bow tie adds the nutty professor vibe. it very much gives off the vibe of someone who is the town eccentric who has a very straightlaced husband. the haircut might be a dealbreaker but its the same shape of one belonging to a lesbian living in 1982. 7/10 for the solidarity working here in this outfit

third doctor:


this is a gay person. this is sincerely just the gayest of people. the ruffle shirt, the coat? whatevers on his shoulders?? the STANCE?? yes, pose is everything here too. and god does it bring this full circle. 10/10

fourth doctor:


now see i love four as much as anyone but this distinctly reminds me of a straight guy i knew freshman year of college who dressed almost exactly like this, with no knowledge of the show itself, and i cant disconnect these two people now. sorry, dude. 2/10 bc of the rainbow scarf, thank you for showing your support

fifth doctor:


this is the haircut ive only seen on gay women, and the squat + that jacket is making me dysphoric. good job, five only gay outfits can make me hate my body like this. 9/10

sixth doctor:


this irritates me, but only a gay person would go to this level of carefully coordinated outfit disasterhood and i have to respect it. 8/10

seventh doctor:


the stance, the vest, the umbrella, the scarf…..this outfit would be up there if it werent for the hat. it reminds of every straight guy i know from comic book clubs. you were so close but like icarus you flew too close to the sun. 6/10

eighth doctor (move): 


this is gay in the fact its super victorian and the repression is just coming off in waves, an inherently gay act i know well from my childhood. the long hair rly solidifies the cohesiveness and vibe this look creates, but it doesnt hold the iconicness it needs to get rly up there. 5/10

eighth doctor (short):


NOW THIS IS THE ICONICNESS I NEEDED! the outfits basically the same vibe wise but the loosening of everything? the blood? the haircut. this is the look of not just an icon, but a bicon. 9/10

war doctor: 


aaaand here’s the same outfit again, but its……i dont know. i cant get into it. maybe its the weird fauxhawk. ill give props to the scarf, and whatevers going w the calf area. 4/10

ninth doctor:


leather jackets inherently give off the gay vibe, and that’s my second choice in hair if i didn’t have the worlds lumpiest head. the v neck deters me slightly but i feel it could go either way. 8/10

tenth doctor: 


i know so many butch lesbians that dress like this, and i love it. everything just works so well here. the suit, the hair, the sneakers, the coat….every piece is so unneccessary and just adds to the look of it all. 10/10

eleventh doctor: 


this outfit is accompanied w the inherent vibe and premonitions of the twirling and hand gestures, and that should make this super gay. anybody who decides to look like a schoolboy from 1958 is gay. and i want it to be, but again straight guys have adopted this and made the connection in my head to the point where it detracts a little. so, 7/10

twelfth doctor: 


twelve has like six different outfits but this one is my favorite, and i wanted to add bill in here because i love here and want to rate her outfit. like, honestly the bomber jacket? the patches?? the hair bow?? i love her so much. 10/10 always.

anyways, twelves outfit. this is peak emo. the shirt, the hoodie, the velvet jacket…..its hot topic chic, but in a good way. he looks like your cool gay uncle whose not rly ur uncle but teaches you how to skateboard. i want this exact outfit. i want both of their outfits, right now. 10/10 for the both of them honestly

thirteenth doctor:


do i even need to say it. id say harold and leave it at that but i want to talk about this so bad. the boots n socks. the suspenders. the haircut, and let us just look at that rainbow shirt. this is the outfit i see all the popular tumblr lesbians wearing. this is what a gay person wears, and i have never felt so called out for my fashion choices until i saw this and knew i could probably recreate it with whats in my closet right now. 500/10. gay rights personified. i love women


seriously underrated Doctor Who Comedy Moment™: when the Doctor explains to Donna that the Tardis is translating her words to Latin for their visit to Pompeii and her immediate thought is what would happen if she spoke actual Latin to someone so she goes up to some dude and says “Veni, Vidi, Vici” and he tells her he doesn’t speak Welsh

Things We Saw Today: Doctor Who Showrunner Steven Moffatt on Why He Never Cast a Woman as the Doctor

Things We Saw Today: Doctor Who Showrunner Steven Moffatt on Why He Never Cast a Woman as the Doctor


So I had a dream the other night where Chris Chibnall freaked out so much at the (inevitable) “female Doctor using the sonic as a vibrator” response from fandom that he gave Whitaker’s Doctor a fucking Glock. 

But, like. She didn’t shoot anything. She just threw it at people.  





top stories about weird shit that happened behind the scenes of doctor who

  • those anecdotes frazer hines loves to tell about patrick troughton secretly taking off his pants while in the tardis during rehearsals and then coming out and doing the whole scene in his underwear
  • paul mcgann runs into the cast of the x-files in an elevator while filming the tv movie and is too intimidated to say anything to them because they are more famous than him
  • “we accidentally left colin baker tied to a pole alone in the middle of the woods for half an hour, oops”
  • there are probably a lot more that i’m just forgetting right now. how did they ever even get anything made

adding some of my personal favorites:

  • the first day patrick troughton came to set to play the doctor, anneke wills (polly) and michael craze (ben) wore t-shirts that had “come back bill hartnell” in huge letters on them that they’d had specially made and ordered just to fuck with pat
  • the crew so strongly believed that jon pertwee could just naturally drive any vehicle that at one point they were just like “lol drive this hovercraft, you can do that right” and didn’t give him time to practice driving it and he nearly wiped out the entire camera crew with it
  • tom baker thought the drowning scene in the deadly assassin was too scary, so at the day and time that the episode with it in it aired he literally knocked on a random door, asked “do you watch doctor who here?” and then sat with the family as they watched it 
  • “And I turned around and they were all wearing mustaches”
  • Jean Marsh forgetting she’d put her lunch in her pocket, reaching to draw Sara Kingdom’s gun, and corpsing when she tried to draw a cold squishy tomato sandwich
  • Jon Pertwee waking in a WWII morgue and scaring someone like Eight in the movie; the Master sitting on the Doctor between takes to give him back/neck massages bc he still hurt 25 years later
  • Katy auditioned with contacts before they were common, and the producers made her take them out, so that’s why Three’s always taking Jo’s hand and leading her about like a seeing eye dog
  • Lis Sladen getting stuck for real in the fucking air duct in Arc in Space 
  • The various improbable explanations of how Tom Baker got a dog bite on his mouth right before the filming of The Pirate Planet
  • The horse demolishing both the cart it was pulling and the archway it tried to pass through, trying to follow Peter Davison fresh off his stint as Tristan
  • The real story of Kamelion which was basically JNT swallowing BS marketing and believing the machine could do what its inventor claimed even though it hadn’t been demonstrated, so it really WAS an impostor
  • The gossip scene in the production of Fiddler on the Roof where Sophie was working the evening she got the call was actually a bunch of actors whispering “Sophie got the job!” “Sophie’s going to be in Doctor Who!” 
  • Sylvester saving Sophie from drowning, being cut to ribbons by glass and/or electrocuted when the water tank she was in started to crack
  • Sylvester not breaking character when his coat started smoldering due to a miscalculation by the pyrotechnics crew:

I know it’s New Who, but I feel like it’s very in keeping with tradition: that time Peter Capaldi was filming in a power station at 3 AM and came back from a break soaking wet because he was looking for food, pushed a button out of curiosity, and the button activated some sort of shower.