i accidentally made an AU with @lyesander where bill is powerless but he’s regular sized, and as punishment he has to live like a human being and get a job and fall under capitalism like everyone else

he doesn’t know shit about using the computer


I absolutely ADORE the Gravity Falls-esque vibes I’ve been getting from the new TAZ
arc, so I thought I’d do a fun little editing exercise and try to match
up the theme visuals and music of these two favorite shows of mine.
Doesn’t match up PERFECTLY but I managed to make it work with some fiddling around and I think it turned out pretty cool!!


 Me: It’s 2017, no one wants to hear Gravity Falls meta

Also me: Stan never believed Gideon was an actual psychic—even though he knew supernatural things were possible, and even though everyone in Gravity Falls was against him, Stan always insisted he absolutely knew Gideon was a fraud.  Why was he so certain?

Gideon always called him “Stanford.” 

Anyone with real mind-reading powers would’ve known that was actually his brother’s name, and he was living under a false identity