things that are still relevant

  1. ferguson
  2. leelah alcorn
  3. north korea

because people are still currently experiencing

  1. racist police brutality
  2. transphobia and child abuse
  3. genocide

Instead of painting your fingernail pink for Leelah


-reblogging + donating to donation posts by trans kids
-looking at places like and seeing whether you could offer temporary shelter for a trans person
-donate to trans resources
-buy and do a giveaway for things like packers, binders, breast forms, bras, etc.
-actually do something other than put nail polish on your nails?????
-support trans kids while they’re still alive



Don’t doxx Leelah Alcorn’s “parents.”

It’s true that they are the reason their daughter is dead. It’s true that they are failures as parents, as Christians, and as decent human beings. I don’t believe they deserve an a ounce of sympathy. 

But if they receive death threats, the media is going to start playing them up as the victims, the poor innocent parents who lost their child tragically and are now being harassed by evil SJWs. Don’t let them get the media on their side. 

By all means, send  them messages telling them to stop misgendering their daughter, telling them they were shitty parents, but do NOT send anything threatening, anything hateful, anything hostile, because it will make those tremendous pieces of shit look like the victims when they are not.