the dream i had last night was actually a pretty neat story idea so ill write it down

so i was an alien being studied by humans in the future. it was me + a group of the same aliens. kinda like human sized shrimp/jellyfish things, in a big tank. we were human level intelligent + social, but the humans studying us didnt realise that, because we communicated with senses that were outside normal human range (i didnt think of how this worked exactly, maybe like colour changing spots that only show up under a black light?)

we were def the first sapient aliens humans had found, but not the first aliens ever- as well as scientists, there were these??? tourists?? whod come in the tank and swim around and stuff, like how people swim with dolphins or whatever. so we knew some things about humans, but not loads.

anyway because it was the future, there was some… consciousness transference technology? or something? and i got consciousness transferred into a human body. not sure if it was accidental or deliberate on my part. no one noticed in any case

so after that it was me, the alien in a human body, trying to a) free all the other aliens, but also, the more immediate problem b) figure out how to human so i dont die of starvation or whatever, but also dont get caught. (one scene in particular was right after getting out of the science building- i was wearing clothes, that looked like what humans in science building wore, but oh shit, what if those are special science building clothes, what if theyre weird in every other situation etcetera) and generally getting into hijinks

there was also a thing where like… on the alien home planet, there had been some great catastrophe in the past, and humans were on the way to developing the tech that had made that happen, so now i gotta free my friends, not die of being bad at humaning, AND save the earth??