You know, I think what makes Papyrus and his boastfulness so endearing, despite egoism usually being a negative and unappealing character trait, is the fact that his self-confidence does not exist at the expense of others. He doesn’t build himself up by putting other people down; he thinks highly of everyone! He can consider himself great and admirable while still genuinely being impressed by the people around him and celebrating their accomplishments.

Papyrus understands that greatness is not a competition; it’s something everyone can win at! And even if he is the greatest, it’s only so that he can show everyone else how to recognize their own inherent value.


Papyrus believes in himself! Papyrus believes in me! Papyrus believes in you, too!

Changing Policy on Fan Merch



There were a few reasons I instated this policy. However, after talking to a lawyer, it seems like allowing certain things won’t really hurt Temmie or Fangamer (my friends). So things will become more lenient.

Now, I won’t stop individual fans from selling the following items at cons:

– Prints, charms, buttons, keychains, stickers, etc.
– Most handmade items
– Undertale zines/fanbooks/doujinshi

Regarding Music:

-You can sell your cover songs on iTunes and other stores but please license them.

You can license UNDERTALE cover songs through Loudr, or distribute it
via companies that license it for you (like Soundrop, Distrokid, or CD
– Please don’t use any sound effects from the game or samples from the original songs.
– You can make your own sheet music for free, or sell sheet music through SMP Press: https://smppress.sheetmusicplus.com/
– Yes, you can perform UNDERTALE music at conventions/at a concert/at your school. Please inform us if you’re an orchestra or something though.

For any questions about licensing/performing music, please contact Materia Collective (publishing@materiacollective.com)

However, restrictions exist:

– You cannot use the UNDERTALE logo or put the name UNDERTALE on it, as it is trademarked. (Weird, right!?)
– No t-shirts, apparel/clothing,* or machine-made figures or machine-made plushes.
– Do not sell merch via Redbubble, zazzle, or other large online store.
– No, you still can’t do Kickstarters or crowdfunding campaigns for UT-related things.
– If you’re a company (like Sharkrobot or Hot Topic or something) you cannot sell UNDERTALE merch of ANY kind.
– Do not compete with official merch & acknowledge my copyright. If necessary, I can halt any unofficial item’s sale. (Really don’t want to ^^;;)
– If this change turns out to be actually bad, I can reverse the decision.
– If you sell, please have played the game.

* Exception: if someone hand-made a few scarves, hats, cosplay, or accessories, it’d probably be OK. But if mass-produced, it could become a problem.

When in doubt, if hand-made and few, it’s OK. If mass-produced and machine/factory made, it’s not OK.

PS – One-off art commissions of UT characters are still OK, online or offline.

If engaging in UNDERTALE activities at a con (selling, cosplaying, etc.), try to be respectful and give a good impression. Overall, UNDERTALE’s had a positive effect on people who have played it. It’d be nice if it could have a positive effect on the rest of the world, too.

cuz of DELTARUNE and everyone’s returned love and interest in UNDERTALE, fan-creators should look at this updated policy on what’s ok to sell! been seeing old info spreading.