The gang has a sleepover and:

– Hunk makes a gun that can shoot pillows
– Secrets are revealed, except they’re all really embarrassing and kind of weird. Why are you voluntarily offering this information, Coran. Please. There are children present.
– It’s all fun and games until Pidge gets smacked in the face and knocked off the couch
– Then it’s suddenly lecture time
– Lance comes up with a new game, it’s called ‘Slice and Dice Rowdy Time With Swordsman Keith’ aka ‘everyone throws random crap into the air and Keith has to slice it in half before it hits the ground’
– During a game of SaDRTWSK, someone gets knocked off the couch again
– Allura jumps on the other end of the inflatable bed Shiro is sitting on and launches him into the air


Lance: Shiro, you’re the senior officer, it’s your call.

Shiro: Yes, of course.

Shiro: (internally) im only like a level 3 adult Please Dont Make Me


In an actor/everyone is famous au, Lance would tweet stuff like ‘about to arrive at the Oscars with the smartest & most beautiful woman I’ve ever met ?’ and then five minutes later pose in front of the cameras with his mom 


how do u think lance’s family feels when he comes home and hes like…” so i got a cat” and then blue smashes her head thru the garage door