types of art I will focus on

so art in internet culture is. theres a lot of types of art. im not going to talk about all of them, because that would just be too much.

some types of art in internet culture (ill probably forget some):

  • drawing/painting a still image (so its all drawn)
  • pixel art
  • animation
  • video
  • games
  • html/css/web design (?) (its a creative thing so i guess)
  • music
  • remixes
  • video/audio editing
  • voice acting
  • cosplay/costume design/fashion/textiles
  • graphics – forum signatures, image edits, icons/avatars, etc etc etc
  • photography
  • ……….more, probably

anyway, ill focus on drawn/painted still and moving images. so digital painting/drawing, traditional painting drawing, animation. not sure if ill talk about pixel art bc it has related but still kind of different style influences and stuff. this is just to make it easier for me lol even just this is an enormous amount of art.