you can find quite a bit of evidence for hussie being the final boss of homestuck if you look for it


a young trendy vampire finally convincing a stern centuries-old vampire to try on a pair of shorts. the old vampire usually wears many layers of formal clothing but these little shorts feel good. the old vampire unexpectedly loves these shorts and they start wearing their new tiny shorts all over the place 


a vampire who was turned in 2013 trying to explain memes to a vampire who was turned back in 1597 

showing them rage comics 

working hard to tell this vampire elder what rickrolling is 

“but what do you MEAN the cake is a lie" 


Americans get school cancelled for too much snow.. But it doesn’t matter how hot it is, school Children in Australia have to go to school.
There are children going to school in 40ºC+ (104ºF) temps today and the beginning of next week!