harry potter books rated by the mention of swans

philosophers stone: no mentions. 0/10
chamber of secrets: fawkes is described as the size of a swan. a heart stopping moment. 8/10.
prisoner of azkaban: no mentions. 0/10.
goblet of fire: fawkes again mentioned as the size of a swan. just as exciting as the last time. 8/10.
order of the phoenix: fawkes once more mentioned as the size of a swan. a happy occasion as always. cho’s patronus is a swan. a thrilling and heart warming moment. 10/10.
half blood prince: no mentions. disgusting of a book this size. 0/10.
deathly hallows: when neville opens the portrait of ariana the portrait is said to have ‘swang open’. When the only mention of a swan is inside another word you know it’s a bad read. 1/10.