I can’t believe I actually lived though the full transition from VHS to DVD. Like there are people alive who have never seen a VHS tape….I remember when we were still tryna figure out how the fuck they got a full movie onto a cd. 


i want to know 1) why minions resonate so strongly with wine mums 2) why is the minions film the second highest grossing film in Russia of all time (second to Avatar) 3) what connects wine mums Russia and minions


If you’re starting to think about social justice stuff for the first time now, here are some things to think about.

  1. powerful people are the ones who are most often listened to (who decides who gets represented in media & how? who has political/military power?)
  2. social and historical context matters, a lot.
  3. people usually know a lot more about how they’re marginalised & what they need than someone who doesn’t experience the same kind of marginalisation
  4. sometimes things “everybody is fine with” actually hurt people and unless you’re one of the ones being hurt you might not notice without being told
  5. if someone says something hurts them, it’s important to stop and listen. when people say something is misogynist, racist, etc … they’re saying it is hurting people.


a good chunk of the mars press conference this morning was scientists discussing how not to contaminate the martian waters with terrestrial microbes from the rovers and permanently alter the development of life on mars. in other words we already have to obey the prime directive and I’m delighted with that