A note about preferred pronouns and names

I had a boss who’s legal name was Marvin. His middle name was Scott. He asked everyone at work to call him Scott. People who knew him as Marvin slipped up and called him that sometimes, but he preferred to be called Scott. His employees and peers respected that request. HR respected that request and changed his name in our systems and in his email. It became his name because he asked it to be.

People make the argument that they “just can’t” call trans people by anything other than their deadname because that’s how they know them. Still others will go a step further and say that your self-expression infringes on their rights somehow.

It doesn’t. It’s common decency. Sure mistakes happen; but when someone asks to be called by a particular name, we respect that. If you can do it for cis people, you can do it for trans people.


honestly my favorite new phenomenon is the haiku bot coming in at the end of super serious posts. it’s like watching a supervillain come to a crushing defeat and then getting run over by a roomba.


Easter is on April 1st this year, which works because nothing is a bigger April Fools joke when you open up a tomb three days later and the dude’s gone.

I work with wildlife – what happens in ABA would not fly with the modern animal training community. Animals are allowed to quit training sessions whenever they feel like it, nothing is withheld, repressing harmless natural behavior is wrong. When the kinkajou I worked with had problems with sucking his paw, he was given things to do more fun than paw-sucking, not hot sauce on his paw. Literally, autistic children are treated worse than animals.


Yeah, that’s… not a new problem in child abuse, really.



2day my linguistics professor asked people to name some ships bc she was talking about morphology & how ship names were an example of blending and the room of 100+ people was completely silent bc who wants to expose themselves?? until this one person was like “umm johnlock” and i heard someone behind me go “oh my god……. i hate this”

Your linguistics professor is a coward if they didn’t lead with a personal low to warm up the room. Start with snupin and work up from there


Prideful Plant Puns!!!

I’ve been working on these since pride month, and I feel bad they weren’t finished in time but I’m so happy with how they turned out! These basically happened because I called my best friend a lesbean-sprout and she loved it so much I decided to draw the first one, and things kinda,,, escalated. 

I really hope you guys love them as much as I do!

They’re all available on my redbubble!!

Please don’t repost/steal!



being a vriska serket or a dirk strider apologist except instead of trying to defend anything they did you spend all of your time defending their wardrobe choices

the funniest thing is that people have been reblogging this to defend Vriska’s choice to wear bright red knee-high chucks but not a single person has even tried to defend Dirk