Undeniably the best song of Undertale! These riffs are just killing it, and the entire song just glitters like gold! In fact, this is the first song I heard from Undertale, and it deserves to be posted!

I’ve seen people reblog this saying how much they love the song in its entirety and I honestly cant tell if theyre in on the joke or not…

mission accomplished

Because of all the people who don’t realize it’s a mashup until it’s too late. Sometimes you can pinpoint EXACTLY when such a realization takes place

For example:

i love it

no…. No… Noooo… NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! No, just, no. No. why, just, no. No nope I hate this site nope nope. Kill it with fire.

its very hard to write an essay about 19th century art history when i really wanna write about internet art

essay tip

putting ur wordcount like this makes progress seem way more tangible and rewarding

shoutout to gustave courbet for putting dates on his artwork that arent’ the actual date he painted the artwork