Okay this might just be the most far-fetched theory I’ve ever come up with and there’s no actual proof that this happened but just…hear me out okay?

Let’s present the facts before I present the actual theory:

  • We know that Iroh is fairly old, definitely older than Ozai as indicated both by his hair color and the fact that he’s the first-born son and should have been the heir to the throne.
  • Speaking of that throne, the Fire Nation royal family looks like this:
    • Sozin —> Azulon (Father of Ozai/Iroh) —> Ozai and Iroh —> Zuko and Azula
  • Meaning that Sozin, the man who started the war, is only two generations ahead of Iroh. He’s Iroh’s grandfather.
  • We also know that Sozin was in his eighties the first time the comet came around. I’m just saying — he was old. So it stands to reason that his son, Azulon, would have been an adult during this time. Meaning it’s entirely possible that his wife could have been old enough to give birth to Iroh during this time.
  • Now that would make Iroh 100 years old during the series which seems completely insane but remember something important: People grow to insanely old ages in Avatar!
    • Proof:
      • Kyoshi: Died at 150
      • Bumi: Is 112 and still a badass
      • Sozin: Died at 102
      • Guru Pathik: His age is unknown but he was a Gyatso’s friend/confidant so he has to be over 100.
  • We also know that Iroh was fit both physically, mentally, and spiritually so yeah this guy could have definitely been 100 years old during the series.
  • Okay so we’ve established the fact that Iroh could have theoretically been born 100 years before the series began. Who cares? 
  • I do. Because I don’t just think that he was born roughly 100 years before the series began. I think that Iroh was born during a very specific moment.
  • And before I outright state the theory, I want to remind you all of the most important factor here: The World of Avatar is centered around the theme of reincarnation.
  • So hear me out:
  • Nobody likes thinking about what happened during the Fire Nation’s invasions of the Air Temples (unless you’re @tashiandnima​ in which case you write an entire amazing comic about it; seriously go read it). But as painful as it is, we have to think about the invasion for this theory.
  • We know that there was one fateful day when a comet shot across the sky and Sozin used the resulting power to send his armies to the Air Temples in order to wipe the airbenders out. So just imagine that. 
  • Imagine the monks all fighting to the best of their ability (they’re pacifists after all; they didn’t have an army).
  • Imagine Gyatso taking down dozens of soldiers but eventually being killed himself.
  • And imagine, hundreds of miles away, at that exact moment, Prince Azulon’s son is born.


My theory is that

This kind, spiritual, and lovable teacher/father-figure:

Was reincarnated into this kind, spiritual, and lovable teacher/father-figure:

(Hey, Bryke originally wanted Gyatso to be reincarnated into Momo and I frankly think this does his character a lot more justice.)

Which suddenly puts a whole new spin on this scene:

And now I’m in tears.

I literally cried @rhodanum



















Azula was one of the best written static characters on ATLA

And they wanted me to believe Zuko weak ass could beat my queen ? TUH

they had to make her have a mental breakdown to give Zuzu the edge smh

*prepares thinkpiece on ATLA*

I just think it’s funny how the only representation of mental instability and neurodivergence on the show led to the downfall of the most powerful female character

Ummmmm? The most powerful female character was blind though and didn’t have a mental breakdown?

Azula can fly with fire and therefore can avoid detection by Toph’s seismic sense

CLEARY yall forgot about this lady

she can fucking bend blood… like don’t tell me she isnt the most powerful character 

Not powerful enough to stop her top lip from looking like the crust of a beef patty but ok. Why you so loud for ?

O m g

Things are heating up in the Avatar fandom

Anyway…even Zuzu knew he couldn’t take her on by himself that’s WHY he brought Katara along. But then his dumbass thought “Oh she’s ‘slippin’ so I can take her” but my queen was like YEET! 

So we gonna act like Katara didn’t bring Aang back from the dead and stop the rain in a whole ass area? And mastered Blood Bending in like 3.5 seconds, y’all tripping

Remember Katara went toe to toe with Azula in the crystal caves and had her ass yanked up in the air like she was about to pull a Mortal Kombat finisher. Zuko had to bring her cause he knew he’d get that ass whooped and needed Katara to win. Respect her gangsta.

Also Hama lip looking like Beef Patty crust ???

Katara fucking WRECKED Azula and snatched her entire soul in like five minutes flat.


Not only that, Katara fucking wrecked Azula back in THE SEASON 2 FINALE

She was fighting Azula, Aang was fighting Zuko

She had Azula on the ropes and panicking the entire time. If Zuko hadn’t knocked Aang temporarily away and jumped in to help, Katara would have beaten Azula then too, even when Azula was fully mentally stable.

Even with the power of Sozin’s Comet kicking Azula’s bending up by a thousand, Katara was able to beat Azula in five minutes. Most powerful female character my ass. 

I just love that there were enough ridiculously powerful female characters in the show that we can have arguments like this.